Man Killed Girlfriend’s Toddler while High on Meth; Given 2 Life Sentences by Court

Andrew, the 37-year-old defendant, was given two straight life sentences after being found guilty of many charges, such as aggravated murder, kidnapping, neglect, abuse, aggravated malicious wounding, assault, and having methamphetamine on his person.

The court papers say that Andrew beat and killed Harper, who was 2 years old, while Amanda, Harper’s mother, was at work.

The boyfriend of Amanda at the time was late picking her up from work on April 16, 2020. Amanda is said to have told police that she wanted to take her daughter to the hospital during an interview.

Court papers show that Andrew wouldn’t let her and put a gun to her head to stop her. Harper got help after Amanda called Andrew’s mom, who then called 911.

A lot of people rushed to get the child to the hospital. The girl had a mark on her face that could be seen, and later that week, she was taken off life support. The 37-year-old man gave police a lot of different reasons for what he did, like “the child fell out of a shopping cart.”

Also, Andrew said Harper slipped and fell off a four-wheeler. He also said that Harper had a bad reaction to something she ate because she is allergic to nuts, and her situation got worse over the course of the day.

The prosecution used Christopher as a witness in the case. It is said that he was in jail with Andrew when he was first taken there. Christopher allegedly told prosecutors that Andrew told him while he was in jail that he would get high on meth while watching the kids.

He thinks Harper may have gotten into Andrew’s bag of methamphetamine and then stopped responding. According to Detective Austin, Amanda and Andrew got into a fight during the interview over the possibility of them breaking up. Austin also said that Amanda’s injuries could have been caused by se* or fighting with the kids.