Long Gone Portland Foods and Restaurants That You Miss

Portland, Oregon, has long been celebrated for its vibrant food scene, a melting pot of innovation, tradition, and flavors. However, as the city’s culinary landscape continues to evolve, many beloved eateries have faded into memory, leaving behind a legacy of tastes and experiences that continue to resonate with locals and visitors alike.

This article pays homage to some of these long-gone Portland foods and restaurants, taking you on a nostalgic journey through the city’s gastronomic history.

Iconic Restaurants and Their Signature Dishes

  1. Henry Ford’s Restaurant: A staple in Southwest Barbur Boulevard for over four decades, Henry Ford’s was known for its charming owner and a menu that exemplified classic Portland cuisine. Patrons still reminisce about their perfectly cooked steaks and warm, inviting atmosphere.
  2. Eat: An Oyster Bar: This spot was a seafood lover’s haven, offering an array of fresh oysters and seafood dishes. The loss of their unique oyster selections and seafood boils is still felt by many.
  3. Edelweiss: A deli and market that provided a touch of European charm in Portland. Known for its wide selection of imported goods and homemade sausages, Edelweiss was a go-to for authentic European flavors.
  4. Escape from New York Pizza: This pizza joint was a slice of the East Coast in Portland, known for its New York-style pizzas that brought a taste of the Big Apple to the West Coast.
  5. Fuller’s: A classic diner that was much more than just a place to eat; it was a part of the community. Known for its hearty breakfasts and retro ambiance, Fuller’s was a beloved spot for locals.
  6. The Goose Hollow Inn: Famous for its ‘Reuben Sandwich,’ this spot was a favorite for both its food and its role as a community gathering space. The loss of their Reuben is a particularly sore spot for sandwich aficionados.
  7. Güero: A celebration of Mexican cuisine, Güero was known for its tortas, offering a range of flavors and fillings that were both traditional and innovative.
  8. Nong’s Khao Man Gai: A simple yet delicious dish of chicken and rice, Nong’s Khao Man Gai was a testament to the beauty of minimalism in cooking. The perfect balance of flavors in this dish made it a Portland favorite.

The Evolution of Portland’s Culinary Scene

Portland’s food scene is in a constant state of evolution, with new trends emerging and old favorites fading away. The loss of these beloved eateries is not just the loss of food but the loss of community spaces, of culinary traditions, and of unique flavors that defined Portland’s food culture.

The Role of Food Carts and Emerging Trends

While many brick-and-mortar restaurants have closed, Portland’s food cart culture continues to thrive, offering a new avenue for culinary creativity. These mobile eateries are a testament to the city’s resilience and innovation in the face of change.

A Look to the Future

As we reminisce about these lost gems of Portland’s culinary past, it’s also exciting to look forward to the future. New restaurants and food trends continue to emerge, ensuring that Portland’s food scene remains as dynamic and delicious as ever.


The memories of long-gone Portland foods and restaurants continue to live on in the hearts and minds of those who experienced them. While we may miss these old favorites, their legacy continues to inspire the current and future generations of Portland chefs and food enthusiasts.

The evolution of Portland’s culinary landscape is a bittersweet reminder of the transitory nature of the food industry, but it also highlights the city’s enduring love and passion for good food.

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