Local Gas Station Deploys K-9 Units as Crime increasing near Pump Areas in North Carolina; Customers have Mixed Reaction

Greensboro, NC: As an extra safety step for customers after a year of thefts and carjackings, three gas stations in North Carolina are putting crime-fighting dogs at the pumps.

Following the crimes and the shooting death of an off-duty police officer trying to stop a robbery at one of the chain’s locations at the end of last year, three Sheetz gas stations in Greensboro have hired K-9 units to keep their customers safe.

They have put up signs that say “Your safety is our top priority!” Many Sheetz stores in Greensboro now have “K-9 units on-site.”

Sheetz puts the safety of our customers and workers first. A company representative told a local CBS News affiliate station, “We are always looking at which stores need extra help and have added extra safety measures, such as K-9 units, to several Greensboro stores as an extra precaution.”

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An independent company in Virginia called American K-9 Interdiction will provide the highly trained dogs at the Sheetz gas stations on Wendover Avenue, West Market Street, and Spring Garden Street, the stations said.

The K-9 wouldn’t be needed unless you were looking for drugs or something. “Aside from that, it’s just another police officer,” Henry Boyd, the driver, said about the dogs that sniff out drugs.

When someone else went to Sheetz, they asked why the shops didn’t just hire security guards like other shopping centers do.

“That seems like something that would be easy for not dogs to handle.” For example, Allied Security patrols the Friendly Shopping Center until 11 p.m. That being said, why don’t you take those jobs?” as per Christopher Harper.