LAPD Impounded Multiple Cars With 24 Arrests Amid Rising Street Car Racing Incidents

Compton, CA: There were multiple incidents of illegal street takeovers in the South Los Angeles and Compton areas overnight, following the impounding of several cars on the 6th Street Bridge.

Deputies from the Compton station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department swiftly responded to multiple street takeovers, one of which occurred at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Alondra Boulevard.

Gunfire injures four spectators during takeover near Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue. All individuals were transported to the hospital and are anticipated to recover. No further details were provided regarding the shooting incident.

Los Angeles police are investigating a series of takeovers that occurred late Sunday into Monday morning. An incident occurred at the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Florence Avenue.

The Los Angeles Police Department has impounded approximately 15 vehicles that were involved in multiple street takeovers. No individuals were taken into custody.

In response to another significant takeover on the 6th Street Bridge, connecting Boyle Heights and downtown L.A.’s Arts District, the department has taken action by impounding over 20 cars and issuing approximately 150 citations.

Officers arrived at the scene and discovered a large number of vehicles obstructing the bridge. The crowd quickly dispersed upon their arrival.

Many individuals once again congregated on 4th Street near the lower Grand Tunnel, prompting a response from law enforcement. Sheriff Robert Luna expressed deep concern regarding the surge in takeovers during this particular season.

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