LA County has issued a warning following reports of illnesses possibly associated with raw oysters

A significant health warning has been issued in Los Angeles County following a series of gastrointestinal illnesses potentially linked to the consumption of raw oysters. This alarming development has raised concerns about food safety and the risks associated with consuming raw seafood.

Overview of the Situation

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is investigating a cluster of gastrointestinal illnesses that may be connected to raw oysters consumed at various local restaurants. To date, there have been 27 reported cases associated with this outbreak. The investigation is a collaborative effort with the California Department of Public Health to identify and confirm the source of these illnesses.

Public Health Advisory

In response to these incidents, Public Health officials have issued a warning, particularly to vulnerable groups such as young children, older adults, and people with compromised immune systems. These groups are advised to exercise caution and avoid consuming raw oysters due to the heightened risk of foodborne illnesses.

Possible Norovirus Involvement

While the specific cause of the illnesses is still under investigation, there is a possibility that norovirus, a common cause of gastroenteritis, might be involved. Norovirus is known for causing rapid onset of symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea and is often linked to consuming contaminated food, including shellfish such as oysters.

Health and Safety Recommendations

Muntu Davis, MD, MPH, Los Angeles County Health Officer, has urged consumers to be cautious about eating raw oysters until the source of the outbreak is confirmed. The public is advised to maintain high hygiene standards, such as frequent hand washing and thorough cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, to prevent the spread of illness.

Reporting Illnesses

Individuals who suspect they have become ill from consuming raw oysters are encouraged to report their symptoms to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. This information is crucial for tracking the outbreak and preventing further cases.


This situation in Los Angeles County highlights the potential risks associated with consuming raw seafood, particularly oysters. The public health response and ongoing investigation underscore the importance of food safety and public awareness in preventing similar outbreaks in the future.

This report is based on information from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, The Antelope Valley Times, and Hoodline​​​​​​.