Katy Perry Reveals her Favourite Contestant in American Idol Season 22 after a Mesmerizing Performance

American Idol judge revealed her favorite contestant in the ongoing season of American Idol. The “Roar” singer named Abi Carter as her favorite contestant in the present season. This is potentially the last season of the famed singer.

The singer did not hesitate to express favoritism as she revealed that she hopes that Abi goes a long way in the season. The revelation was made on the Sunday night episode in which Abi Carter earned a standing ovation after she gave her performance. The young talent performed Oceans (Where Feet May Fail).

The 21-year-old singer won a Platinum Ticket that landed her in American Idol Season 22.

The “Dark Horse” singer said, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it, but you’re my favorite. I just think you are so gifted. When you first came to us you sang a Billie Eilish song and it was just like, oh my gosh, you can do a Hillside song? This is our third time hearing you sing. The second time you could barely make a note out. So, really this is like the second time we’ve heard you sing and I’m just so glad it reminded me of the angel that you are.”

The audience and the judges were so mesmerized by the latest Carter’s performance after she kind of let them down in the Hollywood Week performance as she struggled with bronchitis. The performance began with Carter swiftly playing piano on the stage.

Abi Carter
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

Tori Kelly was the guest judge at the episode and she said, “I’m shaking for you. I’m rooting for you so hard. I feel like a performance is all about creating moments and you did exactly that.”

The episode featured 12 performances from the 12 contestants out of the 24 contestants in the season. The other 12 contestants will perform in Hawaii. The contestants will perform at Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina Hawaii.

Based on the votes received from the masses, the judges will reveal the Top 20 contestants on Sunday, April 14.

Source- Yahoo Entertainment