Johnny Ending Explained: What Really Happened to Patryk in the End?

At the beginning of the film, Patryk breaks into a house and gets caught. After Patryk is sent to prison, he takes over as the story’s narrator and shows us bits and pieces of Father Jan’s life.

Father Jan helps out at the hospital, and he has a soft spot for people who don’t have much hope. He cares about people that other people don’t want to care about.

As the tension rises and the stakes get higher, readers and viewers are left wondering if Father Jan will make it out alive.

In this article, we will get into the details of the story and try to figure out who Johnny really is and whether Father Jan dies in the end.

Johnny Ending Explained: What Happened to Father Jan in the End?

Dawid Ogrodnik play the role of Priest Jan Kaczkowski. Father Jan is diagnosed with Glioblastoma early on in the film, but the story focuses more on his legacy and the challenges faced by terminally ill individuals beyond their mortality.

Though the inevitability of his death is mentioned frequently, it is not the main point. After learning about his diagnosis, Father Jan continues to pursue his dream of building a hospice, dedicating his time to caring for those nearing the end of their lives and ensuring their comfort in their final moments.

Johnny Ending Explained

When Patryk comes into the picture, he struggles with the idea of death. Losing a patient he had grown close to has a profound impact on him, and he is unable to let go of people for selfish reasons.

Father Jan helps Patryk understand that love and care for others must be unconditional. Throughout the narrative, the message of prioritizing unconditional love for people with terminal illnesses and dealing with death in a healthy and unselfish way is present.

Father Jan works towards spreading his ideas through interviews and talks, and Patryk accompanies him, celebrating his friend’s successes. However, one day Father Jan fails to show up for a scheduled radio show.

Patryk goes looking for him and finds him in his office, with his condition has worsened. When Jan is confined to bed, Patryk visits him and sits with him in silence.

He is calm and present for Jan, holding his hand, and shares with him about his childhood and how he plans to name his firstborn after him. Ultimately, Jan Kaczkowski dies years after his initial diagnosis, surrounded by his family.

What Happened to Patryk in the Final Analysis?

Piotr Trojan in the role of Patryk Galewski. Throughout the film, Patryk undergoes a significant transformation in his character. At the beginning of the story, we meet Patryk in a very dark place in his life.

He struggles with drug addiction and frequently lands in prison after getting into trouble with the law. His home life is equally challenging, with a neglectful father who failed to raise him properly.

However, when Patryk begins working at the Hospice, initially as part of a court-mandated community service and later as a volunteer, he starts to experience kindness and empathy from Father Jan, who becomes his friend. Father Jan helps Patryk discover his passion for cooking and encourages him to develop this skill.

Johnny Ending Explained

Patryk also forms strong bonds with the people he meets at the Hospice, and this allows him to learn how to empathize with others. By witnessing the suffering and joy of others and helping them through it, Patryk experiences a significant change in his character.

This kinder way of life helps Patryk to overcome his addiction and shed his criminal habits. Father Jan also helps Patryk enroll in culinary classes, presenting him with a future plan.

However, towards the end of the film, Patryk is called back to court for unpaid fines, and despite Father Jan’s testimony, the court questions his recovery and decides that Patryk has manipulated people into believing he has changed.

He is then sentenced to three years in prison. Despite this setback, Father Jan does not give up on Patryk. He visits him in prison and tries to work with the authorities to establish an agreement that would allow Patryk to leave and work for the Hospice.

Eventually, Father Jan manages to get Patryk’s sentence cut short after reaching out to the Archbishop.

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Patryk’s story is one of rehabilitation, demonstrating the potential for people to change with understanding and support. Father Jan provides the necessary support and companionship to Patryk, bringing out the best in him.

After Father Jan’s death, Patryk continues to live a safe and happy life. He marries his girlfriend, Zaneta, starts a family with her, and uses his culinary skills to find honest work, starting a fresh life.

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