Joe Carollo’s Asset Seizure: Once Powerful Commissioner Helpless To Protect His Assets After Court Order

Embattled City Commissioner Joe Carollo passionately defended himself against the U.S. Marshals seizing his assets following a federal court order during a recent Miami commissioners meeting.

The commissioner lost a multimillion-dollar civil action that was the basis for the unexpected turn of events in June of last year.

The owners of the popular Little Havana entertainment venue Ball & Chain, William Fuller and Martin Pinilla, filed the initial complaints that led to the case. They claimed Carollo harassed them for not supporting his political ambitions by using his position.

A federal jury rendered a whopping $63.5 million judgment against Carollo after finding him guilty of this type of targeted abuse. His properties, which include his $3 million Coconut Grove house and other properties, are now at risk to pay off the loan.

In order to satisfy the court-mandated payment to Fuller and Pinilla, which amounts to $34.3 million with interest to Fuller and $29.2 million with interest to Pinilla, the most recent development, as detailed by a writ of execution, requires the U.S. Marshal’s Office to seize Carollo’s assets. Carollo’s money, belongings, and merchandise are all included in the order.

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