Micah and Paul’s Relationship Update: Are They Still Together or Have They Broken Up?

There’s no doubt that any relationship has its ups and downs, but when there’s also the unintentionally added pressure of trying to make things last, those difficulties can feel magnified. At least, it seems to be the case for the vast majority of couples that have formed as a result of reality dating shows around the world, including Netflix’s own ‘Love is Blind‘ since its 2020 premiere. Among them has been the season 4 duo of Micah Lussier and Paul Peden, and now you can find out everything you need to know about them and where things are right now.

Who is Micah?

In the fourth season of the Netflix dating show, Love Is Blind, icah Lussier is one of the 30 candidates. Micah Lussier has reached the age of 27. On her LinkedIn profile, Lussier says that she has worked at Salesforce as a marketing campaign manager since December 2022.

Salesforce is a San Francisco-based cloud computing services provider, but Lussier’s LinkedIn profile indicates she works remotely. The Love Is Blind actress worked as a marketing campaign manager for both CBT Nuggets and Tonkean before joining Salesforce.

Micah and Paul’s Love is Blind Journey

When Micah, 26, and Paul, 28, first met in the pods, sparks flew instantly due to the obvious similarities in their loving, kind personalities. The talk was light and flirtatious, and it helped that they shared a name (the Marketing Manager’s father’s) and a passion for travel. When the Environmental Scientist learned that Italy was loved by both of them, he joked, “Listen, when we get married…”, suggesting that the country would be an ideal honeymoon destination.

Paul quickly followed up with, “You have such a sexy voice; it’s, like, truly hard to pay attention,” he said in a hesitant tone. Your voice is like, I don’t know, it gives me a little tingle in my head. That’s just plain strange. After entering the experiment, he realized that the invisibility of it was truly remarkable because it removed any remaining barriers or inhibitions he might have had. Despite his obvious growing attraction to Micah, the open, speed-dating format also led him to develop feelings for Amber Wilder, a 33-year-old flight attendant.

Is Micah and Paul Still Together

Yet, Micah also developed strong feelings for Sales Development Manager Kwame Appiah, 31, creating an intricate square that was originally difficult to decipher. Each couple talked about their histories, hopes for the future, and likes and dislikes with one another to deepen their understanding of one another. Micah became Paul’s definition of love, and she realized that she enjoyed the more sedate pace of her relationship with Paul, so they chose to remain a pair.

Paul stated, “When I’m in the presence of a true love, it’s like standing in the sun; the warmth just fills my entire body.” When you meet someone who can do that for you, you should hold on to them tight. That’s why I want you to stick close by. Are you willing to get married to me? Micah said she was looking forward to spending the rest of her life on fire with him and described their future together as “a zesty life that feels so fulfilled.” This is one of the things I love most about you.

Are Micah and Paul still together?

There are very few hints as to the whereabouts of the pair at present. We’ll start with Instagram, where Micah and Paul are mutual followers and like most of each other’s recent posts. This shows that they’re at least on good terms following the performance. Between November 2021 and March 2023, Paul didn’t update his profile at all, while Micah shared several (beautiful) pictures of his solo travels.

Where Micah and Paul stand at this time is unclear. A shot of Micah making his way down the aisle can be seen in the Season 4 teaser video. Thus it is safe to assume that they have a wedding. But I’m wondering if Micah and Paul ever tie the knot. It’s still possible that they don’t, even at this late stage. They have a few obstacles to overcome despite being a quality match early in the season.

Is Micah and Paul Still Together

Perhaps Paul and Micah fail to get past their problems in time for their wedding. Nothing on either of their Instagrams seems to have anything to do with the other, giving the impression that they aren’t currently involved with one other. It’s possible, though, that they’re just not allowed to talk about it on social media. Still, with Micah’s updates on her second house in Arizona and Paul’s pictures from all over the world, it seems unlikely that these two will end up together.

Paul says on Love Is Blind that he has no interest in making Arizona his permanent residence, and it seems that Micah might feel the same way. Micah has conflicted emotions about abandoning her other pod boyfriend, Kwame.


Micah Lussier, a Salesforce marketing campaign manager, is a contestant on Love Is Blind’s fourth season. Micah and Paul Peden fell in love in the pods, but Paul also developed feelings for Amber Wilder, while Micah fell for Kwame Appiah. Micah ultimately chose Paul, and they have been in a relationship since November 2021. However, their future is uncertain due to Paul’s desire to travel and Micah’s conflicting emotions toward her other pod boyfriend.

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