Are Memphis and Hamza Still Together? What is Their Current Relationship Status- Let’s Find Out!

In this article we will discuss about the Relationship terms going on between Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii.

Before the 90 Days’ is part of the ‘90 Day Fiance‘ franchise, which focuses on US nationals and their foreign love partners to explore the subtleties of a cross-border relationship. The show follows the blossoming relationships and even shows how the lovers meet face-to-face for the first time, depicting the era before the couples opt to be married and apply for the K-1 visa. With a clear conflict in culture and lifestyle, it’s fascinating to see how each couple attempts to work out their differences as they build a future together.

Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii, a Season 5 pair, piqued viewers’ curiosity with their undying devotion to one another. However, due to a significant language barrier, the two had to negotiate a difficult journey, prompting admirers to wonder if they are still together. Let’s find out!

Memphis and Hamza’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Journey

Memphis and Hamza met on a dating app before interacting on the internet. With Hamza originating from Tunisia, he had little understanding of English, but Memphis, a Michigan native, never gave up, and their relationship eventually grew into a strong love for each other. Memphis, on the other hand, was skeptical of her internet lover since she had a tough background, and her love life had not been kind to her either. Furthermore, as a single mother of two, she was seeking for someone she could settle down with, and Hamza looked to be her best choice.

is memphis and hamza still together

Memphis and Hamza realized their mutual attraction quickly and began to date. Furthermore, they were so at ease in each other’s presence that Hamza proposed to Memphis after only a few months of dating, and Memphis was overjoyed. However, because they were a cross-border couple, sustaining a long-distance relationship was incredibly difficult. Memphis left Michigan for Tunisia in the hopes of reuniting with her significant other.

However, there were serious worries regarding Memphis and Hamza’s future together. To begin, they relied only on translation tools to communicate. Furthermore, Hamza indicated that prenups were not permitted under Tunisian law, which the US citizen saw as a total red flag. Memphis struggled to acclimate to Hamza’s culture and way of life once she arrived in Tunisia. They were not permitted to sleep in the same bedroom because they were both staying at Hamza’s parents’ house, which irritated the US native.

is memphis and hamza still together

Despite the fact that the two managed to become intimate despite the severe limitations, Memphis discovered they weren’t compatible since Hamza had some troubles in bed. Furthermore, a lack of communication and a developing schism did not help them resolve their concerns, and their lack of chemistry was painfully obvious. Memphis was desperate to make the relationship work and worked hard to get the approval of Hamza’s mother. She attempted to help around the house to show Hamza’s mother, Hayet, that she was serious about the relationship. Her abilities, however, fell short, and while Hayet appeared disappointed in Memphis, she was also critical of her son’s connection.

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Are Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii Still Together?

Although there have been rumors regarding Memphis and Hamza’s alleged breakup, current events indicate that the pair is still together. Initially, it was assumed that the language barrier and compatibility concerns would create a barrier between them. Hayet also shared her concerns about a probable divorce and stated that she did not want Hamza to go through such anguish. Furthermore, once the pair violated Tunisia’s no-intimacy law, Hayet began to doubt Memphis’ genuine intentions.

is memphis and hamza still together

Memphis and Hamza, on the other hand, appear to have proven their naysayers wrong and developed a wonderful connection. Fans were quick to notice that the two were following each other on Instagram, despite the fact that both are active on social media. Furthermore, unlike many other ’90 Day’ couples, Memphis and Hamza are upfront about declaring their love in public and frequently post about each other with praises in the description. While keeping his comments modest, Hamza communicates his affection for his significant other, while Memphis uploaded a photo of their first full day together with a nice remark.

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Furthermore, it appears like the two are pretty fun when they are together, as seen by this charming photo of them fooling about on the ’90 Day’ set. In fact, Hamza caused some controversy when Memphis acknowledged his problems in the bedroom. However, when fans began mocking Hamza for the same, the US citizen stepped in to save him. As the pair now appears to be in it for the long haul, we wish them all the happiness in the years ahead.

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