Is Fort Lauderdale Safe to Visit in 2024? Safety hazards

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, often synonymous with pristine beaches and an array of water-based activities, has traditionally been a favored destination for those seeking a perfect blend of sun, sea, and adventure. However, recent studies have raised concerns about the city’s safety, ranking it as the least secure in America.

In this detailed guide, we aim to dissect the safety concerns surrounding Fort Lauderdale in 2024, delving into crime rates, prevalent offenses, specific high-risk areas, and providing potential visitors with crucial insights to ensure a secure and enjoyable stay.

The Current Safety Scenario

The safety status of Fort Lauderdale is nuanced, falling somewhere between a yes and no. While the U.S. Department of State has not issued a travel advisory for the city, statistical data reveals a crime rate of 240.86 incidents per thousand people, surpassing the national average and earning Fort Lauderdale a grade F in crime rate. Additionally, the city finds itself in the 1% percentile for safety, marking it as one of the more dangerous places to visit in the United States.

Crime Breakdown

Fort Lauderdale grapples with a higher-than-average crime rate, particularly in the realms of property and violent offenses. The primary safety concerns for visitors encompass assault, murder, robbery, rape, burglary, kidnapping, drug-related crimes, and vehicle theft.

Violent Crimes in Fort Lauderdale

Violent crimes constitute 11% of the reported incidents, with a rate of 5.72 per 1,000 residents. A detailed examination reveals that Fort Lauderdale ranks in the 13th percentile for safety in this category. Notably, aggravated assault emerges as the most prevalent violent crime, with 547 reported incidents, surpassing the national rate. Murder rates also exceed the national average, urging caution in specific areas.

Robbery, another common violent crime, is significantly elevated in Fort Lauderdale, with 408 reported incidents in 2019, surpassing the national rate by a substantial margin. Rape, with a rate of 40.08 per 100,000 people, is another focal point of concern.

Property Crimes in Fort Lauderdale

Property crimes, comprising 89% of all reported offenses, include theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft, vandalism, robbery, and purse snatching. Fort Lauderdale’s property crime rate is 118% higher than the rest of Florida, reaching its peak in 2019 with 542,116 reported crimes.

Avoiding Unsafe Areas

Research indicates that certain parts of Fort Lauderdale are more prone to criminal activities. The southwest part of the city, encompassing Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale Beach, and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, emerges as the safest region. Conversely, neighborhoods in the northern region, such as Dorsey-Riverbend, Flagler Heights, and Durrs Homeowners, exhibit higher crime rates, warranting cautious exploration.

Factors to Consider for a Safe Visit

Beyond crime rates, several factors demand consideration for a secure and enjoyable trip to Fort Lauderdale:

  1. Weather: Fort Lauderdale’s susceptibility to storms and hurricanes between June and November necessitates vigilance and adherence to travel warnings during this period.
  2. Accommodation: Choosing accommodations thoughtfully is crucial, ensuring they are located in safe and tourist-friendly areas. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and hotels near Fort Lauderdale Beach are recommended, particularly for families.
  3. Other Factors: Fort Lauderdale’s favorable aspects, such as warm weather, a relatively low cost of living, a family-friendly atmosphere, and a central location, make it an appealing destination. However, visitors should remain vigilant and take necessary precautions.


In conclusion, Fort Lauderdale presents a delicate balance between its inherent attractions and the safety concerns that accompany them. While specific areas pose higher risks, tourist-friendly locations like Las Olas, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, and Fort Lauderdale Beach generally offer a safer environment. Armed with information, visitors can make informed decisions, avoid risky areas, and ensure a safe and memorable trip to Fort Lauderdale in 2024. So, seize the opportunity and book your trip today, equipped with the knowledge needed to navigate this vibrant city responsibly.