Housing Prices Likely to Dwindle Next Year; Will Benefit Potential Home Buyers

This year, the housing market saw a decline in sales for the first time in a long while, which local analysts feel is beneficial for buyers. Many realtors have showcased their sentiments over the decline.

Brook Ashley of Brook Ashley Realtors said, “I think this is a much healthier market honestly. You’re not having to offer 20,40,50,000 dollars over asking price, and waive inspections, and just the craziness that happened in recent years. That’s just not happening anymore.”

Many other real estate agencies vouched for the same. The slowdown in the housing market gives mixed signals about the recession. The impact of this slowdown for the coming year will be apparent as more buyers will be there on the market.

The country will witness an election in the coming year. Election years are good and beneficial years for almost everyone. The housing market is no exception to it. The house prices will go down benefitting many potential buyers.