Hot-Chase Over 100 MPH Leads To Arrest of a Woman Who Hit Trooper in Florida

Sanford, FL: A woman has been arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) following a thrilling pursuit across Seminole and Orange counties. A trooper was injured during a high-speed chase.

The incident began when Trooper D. Flores noticed the suspect, Latoya Bedford, speeding past him on Interstate 4 at a speed exceeding 100 mph, according to FHP. He activated his emergency lights and sirens and began pursuing her on the interstate, closely tailing her as she maneuvered through lanes, swiftly navigating through traffic. Bedford departed from Maitland Boulevard.

Bedford quickly drove east on Maitland Blvd. and smoothly merged onto U.S. Highway 17-92. Trooper Flores was right on their heels. Then, as she continued down 17-92, Bedford abruptly made a U-turn and changed direction.

Bedford returned to the ramp leading to Maitland Blvd. While on the ramp, Flores claimed to have witnessed Bedford discarding an object from her window. Bedford raced down Maitland Ave, with Flores hot on their heels. Later, on Maitland Ave., Bedford attempted to make another U-turn, and Flores swiftly employed a PIT maneuver to render her car inoperable. However, Bedford accelerates abruptly, causing the trooper’s leg to be pinned against his door, and swiftly drives away.

Bedford’s car veered out of control and collided with a business on Maitland Avenue. At last, Bedford emerged from the car. According to Bedford, her brakes were not functioning properly.

Troopers apprehended Bedford and placed her in the rear of their vehicle. The charges filed against the individual encompass a range of offenses, including reckless driving causing injury, aggravated fleeing, weapons possession, and driving with a suspended license. Trooper Flores injured his knee but is recovering well, according to FHP.

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