Homeless Encampment in LA Used as Strip Shop; Luxury Car Recovered

Police discovered a stolen Maserati being dismantled in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, leading to the arrest of three individuals.

The discovery was startling and unexpected as the undercover agents were pursuing a stolen Ford pickup truck out of Bell Gardens. They arrived at a homeless camp south of the 10 Freeway, close to Olive Street.

At that point, police found the pilfered Maserati with its four wheels removed, concealed beneath a tent. According to the authorities, the tent was being utilized as a strip shop and was erected onto the pavement using an auto lift.

Later on, the owner of the pickup truck received the vehicle back, and the Maserati was seized as evidence.

Many other evidence show that robbers used to bring stolen cars there. The cars were dismantled and their pieces were then sold to make enormous profits.