High School Student Groped and Molested by Former Teacher in Pennsylvania; Girl Screamed and Molester Took Off

A guy from Macungie who has worked as a substitute teacher in several schools in Lehigh County is accused of sexually assaulting a girl aged 17.

After shopping with her family at the Marshall’s store at 3900 Hamilton Blvd. in Lower Macungie Township on Friday, 30-year-old Jared Matthew Gerhard is accused of touching the girl from behind while reaching between her legs.

In a news statement, the Lehigh County district attorney’s office said that Gerhard ran away when the girl screamed, avoiding a witness who tried to hold him.

State police say they saw a man racing through the parking lot and onto Mill Creek Road when they got there. Gerhard was found to be the driver when the car was pulled over on Mill Creek, according to the report. Police also found store-bought clothes and a toy in the car.

The charges against Gerhard were unlawful contact with a minor, which is a felony, and indecent assault without permission of another person, which is a misdemeanor. He got $35,000 bail and was freed.

There were no names of the schools where Gerhard has worked as a substitute in the news statement.

Call the Fogelsville state police at 610-395-1438 if you know anything about this or related crimes.

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