Here’s Why Danny Masterson’s Rooster Probably Won’t Be Back on ‘The Ranch’?

In this article we will discuss that why Danny Masterson’s did’nt comeback to the show- The Ranch’s! What happened to him on the show? Let’s Find Out!

The first half of The Ranch’s fourth and last season premiered on Netflix on September 13, and as fans prepare to say goodbye, they’re surely wondering whether there’s a way for Rooster to return. The older brother of Ashton Kutcher’s Colt last featured in the end of Season 3’s first half (aka Part 5), and he is thought dead at the start of Part 6.
Nevertheless, no corpse was ever discovered, therefore despite the funeral ceremony, there has always been an avenue for the show’s writers to bring Danny Masterson back to the program. But, considering the circumstances surrounding his exit from the program, it is quite improbable.

Why Netflix kicked Rooster from The Ranch?

In the aftermath of sexual assault claims against Danny Masterson, it appears that the decision to remove Masterson’s character from the program was made by Netflix rather than the show’s writers and producers. When they were intimately associated with Masterson, at least four women accused him of sexual assault, rape, and domestic abuse.

why did rooster leave the ranch

One of Masterson’s accusers filed a police report in 2004 about an incident that occurred in 2003, but no charges were ever brought. When three different women came forward with distinct charges, the LAPD launched an investigation in 2016. At least one of the ladies claimed she was drugged and raped while asleep, and the matter has been brought to the district attorney, though no charges have been filed.

But, due to the public nature of the issue and the number of accusations, Netflix demanded that Masterson be fired from the program. In a statement released at the time of his dismissal, the former That 70’s Show star stated that he was “clearly very unhappy in Netflix’s decision to write my character off The Ranch,” and that he continues to dispute the “outrageous charges” brought against him.

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In addition to the LAPD investigation, Masterson’s accusers filed a lawsuit in August 2019 against him, the Church of Scientology (of which Masterson is a lifelong member), and the church’s leader, David Miscavige, for years of covering up and condoning the actor’s abuse of women.

Masterson’s ex-girlfriend, former model Chrissie Bixler, Marie Bobette Riales, and two other unknown women are among the plaintiffs in the legal lawsuit. They accuse the Church and its head of false imprisonment, kidnapping, stalking, libel, defamation, invasion of privacy, people trafficking, and labor violations, in addition to the charges against Masterson.

Considering the gravity of that civil action and an ongoing criminal investigation, there’s absolutely no way Netflix would risk the backlash if they allowed Masterson to return for the show’s conclusion.

What happened to Rooster on The Ranch?

Part 5 ended with Mary’s jealous ex-husband, Nick, holding Rooster at gunpoint and ordering him to leave town or risk putting his entire family in danger. Authorities inform the Bennetts that they located Rooster’s motorcycle at the bottom of a gully after it had been gone for many days. This causes Colt to believe that his brother staged his death in order to get Nick off his track.

why did rooster leave the ranch

Yet, Colt ultimately accepts that his brother is no longer alive — and this season, the hot-headed rancher will deal with this a little, particularly in the closing episode of Part 7. There will be spoilers ahead!

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Colt and Beau learn in Part 7 episode 10 that Nick has returned to town and is living with Mary, who does not appear to be gladly with him. Colt leaves at the conclusion of the episode to confront Nick. In the closing scene, Nick returns to his trailer, asks, “What are you doing here?” and fires a bullet. Fans will have to wait until 2020 for Part 8 to discover exactly what transpired.

Of course, you can’t rule out the chance that Rooster is still alive and has returned from hiding to murder Nick, but it appears more plausible that Beau, Colt, or Mary (or one of the many other persons who would like to see Nick dead) fired the gun.

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