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“God Of War 5” Release Date And Cast Updates : Things You Need to Know

Sony Santa Monica’s “God of War” video game franchise is one of the largest first-party PlayStation franchises, starting with PlayStation 2 in 2005 and proceeding in one way or different.

The closing chapter of the war moved from Greek mythology to Norse mythology. And given how serious and commercially successful “Gods of War” is in 2018, the validity of single-player games is confirmed in another sequel. it has been said about the future of the god of this type of war franchise.

God of War Release Date:

Sony Santa Monica has not revealed the release date for “God of War 5”, or you can also expect a new title. However, series director Corey Barlog recently stated that the next installment would not take five years to develop as the “God of War” of 2018. This means that viewers should expect to see the God of War 5 in-store after 2022, but, hopefully, a little earlier.

God of War Trailer:

Considering “God of War 5” has not been officially announced or confirmed that it is under development, there is no progress at this time, and it is likely to last a few more years.

About God of War 5:

“God of War 5” will continue the story left by the final story War Games and explore the mythology of Norse in more detail, as did the original God of War. Greek mythology. Shortly before the final Game of War game released in April 2018, senior strategist at Sony Santa Monica’s online community, Aaron Kaufman, confirmed that additional distribution of the franchise would follow Norse mythology and allow players to play and understand/understand Will give.

Although the developer may not start another seven games in the series, the end of God of War led to the creation of a new trilogy focusing on Norse mythology in all of them. Based on the events of the new title, it seems that Frye 5 will be the main antagonist in God of War, with the general story adopting Ragnarok events, a prophetic representation of the chain of events that represents all things and most gods. Nordic Deaths, such as Odin, Thor, and Loki.

However, in the sequel, it seems that Kratos and Loki will face Freya, Odin, and Thor. This could, of course, lead the God of War 6 as a conclusion to the Nordic stories.

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