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God Of War 5 updates and everything you should know about the game

One of the most successful gameplay on PlayStation is God Of War 4. Now, we are looking for God Of War 5. The story will continue from where God Of War 4 finished.

The God of War 5 will be the fifth part of the game series. It is expected that after the launch of PlayStation 5, the God Of War 5 will be released. According to the game developers, the God Of War will have changed graphics, weapon mechanics will be increased and many more. The God Of War will definitely be the PS5 exclusive.

The developer said that the brand-new story does not take time.

If you haven’t played the game and you don’t know the story of the game then, spoilers ahead.

Story of God Of War 5

God of War 5  for PS 5

The battle among Baldur and Kratos got done with the death of Baldur. We found that Baldur is Freya’s child and she is furious over Kratos’ treatment of her child. She promised vengeance on both Kratos and Atreus and left, we will see her at God of War 5. We found that Kratos’ better half, Faye is Giant which makes half Giant and Atreus half God. In any case, the greatest show is Atreus’, whose name is Loki.

The rumoured name of God Of War 5 is Ragnarok

God Of War 5

So, Thor must be there in the game. When Kratos and Atreus were travelling and there was a fighting scene after that Thor came up to fight Kratos. 

God Of War 5 will have new villains but Thor and Odin are the main ones.

The Release Date of God Of War 5 

God Of War 5

 The makers have not revealed the releasing date of the game but as I said earlier it can be released after PlayStation 5. We can expect it in 2022. The game will have more open-world. 

The game will be better than the older variant. And because of Thor and Odin, the game will be more interesting as Marvel movies fans will definitely play this game.

The main thing will be how Thor will look in the game as we have seen many forms of Thor in different movies, but the best one is in Marvel Movies. So, the expectation is very high, let’s see what we will be getting in 2022. 




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