Giuliani Financial Plight: Asked for $10 Subscriptions for His Podcast & Showed Regret Over No City Pension

On Monday, former New York City mayor and former attorney for former President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, requested on social media that people subscribe to his podcast on a monthly basis.

On December 21, a few days after a jury found him liable for defaming two former Georgia election workers, Giuliani declared bankruptcy.

Giuliani, who hosts the Common Sense podcast and the America’s Mayor livestream that it is associated with, asked people to sign up for a $ 10-a-month subscription to America’s Mayor Confidential on X.

“Do yourself and me a big favor and join our premier program America’s Mayor Confidential so we become a close-knit team for 2024. Go to @RudyWGiuliani on X and subscribe for $10 per month so we can be an army by mid-next year,” the former mayor wrote on X/Twitter on Monday. “Only for those who accept the responsibility to re-establish our constitutional rights and pass on to future generations an even greater America than we were given.”

The request was posted on Monday. This shows that 2024 may not turn out to be financially good for Giuliani. He was previously seen at an ATM in NYC.

His financial plight did not end there. Now that he is facing a $148 million civil court settlement for defaming two Georgia election workers, he regrets not taking a city pension.
A New York-based watchdog group on taxpayers, Empire Centre for Public Policy, discovered no proof that Mr. Giuliani ever applied for a pension. If he had applied, he would have been qualified for almost $26,000 a year after turning sixty-two.

In addition, he is not getting paid by the federal government for any of the other government duties he did during the time he served as Manhattan’s US Attorney.

Mr. Giuliani had a reputation for bringing order to the city and guiding residents through the 9/11 terror attacks when he departed office in 2001. He had several multi-million dollar book agreements and was referred to be “America’s Mayor”.