Georgia Drug Bust Arrests Michigan Man with Out-of-State Felony Warrants

Atlanta, GA:  Numerous individuals on drug charges have been apprehended as a result of traffic stops in Georgia; among those apprehended is a man from Michigan who was sought on multiple felony warrants.

CBS News Detroit reports that on the evening of February 14, Crisp County deputies stopped a black BMW driven by Milo Yarborough, 48, of Royal Oak, Michigan. The traffic stop was initiated on Georgia 401/I-75 after the vehicle exhibited characteristics consistent with an irresponsible driver’s description and was observed drifting out of its lane.

Yarborough was wanted on felony warrants in Maryland and Minnesota, authorities discovered upon examining his license. During the interaction, the suspect provided deputies with contradictory information regarding his residence and the vehicle’s registration status. For instance, he claimed that the registration was in the trunk of his vehicle.

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Upon opening the trunk, deputies detected the odor of marijuana and discovered four bags allegedly containing marijuana, pills, and a white substance, as reported by WALB Ne.

Based on information obtained by 13WMAZ from the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office, Yarborough is currently charged with several offenses, including fentanyl trafficking, possession with intent to distribute MDMA, and marijuana possession, in relation to the substance discovered in the vehicle, which tested positive for fentanyl.

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Two men from Albany were arrested for drug and firearm charges in a separate incident that transpired in the same area a few hours later. During this incident, deputies stopped a silver Dodge Charger and detected the odor of marijuana, which led to the eventual discovery of marijuana, cocaine, and other controlled substances in the vehicle.

Additionally, during the subsequent search, firearms and drugs were seized. Kevin Moore, age 25, and Terrance Davis, age 26, were arrested on charges of drug possession and distribution, as well as firearm offenses.

According to a press release from the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office, deputies discovered two bags believed to contain marijuana, one bag containing “a white substance,” and another bag containing white pills while searching the vehicle. The apprehensions underscore a persistent difficulty in combating transnational drug trafficking and implementing legal restrictions on controlled substances.

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