Georgia High-Ranking Gang Member to Spend his Life in Jail After Killing 3 Men in Athens

Atlanta, GA:  A prominent member of the Gangster Disciples gang has been given a life sentence for the killings of three Athens men, with two of them discovered deceased in a storage unit.

Lesley Chappell Green, also known as “Grip,” aged 35 from Stone Mountain, was found guilty of Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organization (RICO) conspiracy on August 17, 2023. On February 20th, he received a life sentence in prison. He is not eligible for parole.

Four additional individuals found guilty alongside Green will receive their sentences in March.

Prosecutors stated that Green was part of the Gangster Disciples “Enforcement Team,” responsible for carrying out assaults and murders to maintain discipline among gang members.

In 2018, prosecutors reported that gang member Walter Brown was killed in Athens. Green and Philmon Deshawn Chambers, also known as “Dolla Phil,” believed that three men in Athense were responsible for the murder and wanted revenge.

Andrea Paige Browner, also known as “Drea,” encountered a man connected to the individuals the gang suspected of being involved in Brown’s death, Rodriquez Rucker. Browner contacted Chambers and Green, who then pursued Rucker to his home and fatally shot him, as per prosecutors.

Browner and Chambers skipped town following the murder. Browner was eventually apprehended in Texas. Chambers, who was still evading capture, grew wary of two other gang members, Derrick Ruff and Joshua Jackson, believing they were working with the authorities.

Ruff and Jackson were convinced by Green to travel from Athens to Lawrenceville to burglarize a storage shed and take items that they would later send to Chambers to assist him while he evaded law enforcement.

Green murdered Ruff and Jackson on December 19 and concealed their bodies in the storage unit. The bodies were discovered in March 2019.

Chambers and Browner are both looking at a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison. Robert Maurice Carlisle, also known as “Different,” 37, from Lithonia, Georgia, and Shabazz Larry Guidry, also known as “Lil Larry,” 29, from Decatur, Georgia, are both facing minimum mandatory life sentences.

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