Former Georgia Sheriff Accused of Molestation; Judge Hatchett files Lawsuit after He Groped Her

In the civil suit that Judge Glenda Hatchett filed against a former sheriff, new information comes to light. Kris Coody, who used to be the sheriff of Bleckley County, quit and admitted to sexually attacking Hatchett at an event in 2022.

They were in Cobb County at a meeting of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association. At a gathering at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel, they met for the first time.

“Karyn, I really didn’t want to be the face of this, I didn’t.” “If it had to happen to anyone, it was better that it was me,” she told Karyn Greer on Channel 2.

The charge against Coody was a minor sexual battery. He was given a year of probation, a $500 fine, and 400 hours of community service.

Attorney CK Hoffler said, “Justice was served from a criminal standpoint and in many respects, but we believe that quite frankly, the civil part of the case. This means that Judge Hatchett has the ability to sue him from a civil standpoint and also sue others that we believe are civilly responsible for what happened to her.”

Hatchett wants to get money from Coody and the Georgia Sheriff’s Association because they hurt him.

Last month, lawyers for the sheriff’s association tried to move the civil hearing from Cobb County, which is where the event happened, to Morgan County, which is home to the sheriff’s association.

“Obviously, what he did was wrong and cannot be excused, but he was at an event—a sheriff’s association event—so we also sued that group.” “As I already said, we plan to bring in other defendants who we think are also guilty in this case,” Hoffler said.

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