Father Convicted of Treadmill Manslaughter After Son’s Death Appeals Jury Verdict in New Jersey

The lawyers of a New Jersey who was found guilty of manslaughter after beating his son to death the day after the boy’s mother lost her emergency custody bid is appealing the decision.

This past week, a jury found Christopher Gregor guilty of aggravated manslaughter and endangering the safety of a child, but not of second-degree murder. Gregor and his 6-year-old son, Corey Micciolo, were found guilty in two separate events.

Mario Gallucci, Gregor’s lawyer, said last week outside of court that Gregor does not agree with the verdict of the trial. Gallucci said, “Yes,” when asked if Gregor would be appealing the decision.

A jury found Gregor guilty of endangering the welfare of a child after viewing surveillance video from the gym in Gregor’s apartment complex on March 20, 2021. The video showed Gregor forcing Corey to run at full speed on a treadmill and then picking up the boy and putting him back on the machine every time he fell. He even seems to bite his son on the head at one point in the video.

Because of this event, Corey’s mother, Bre Micciolo, asked the court to take immediate custody of her son. The bid was turned down by a judge on April 1, 2001. He said in his decision that the court “does not find that… Corey is in danger of imminent and irreparable harm.” So, the Court doesn’t think it’s necessary to temporarily change the parties’ custody and parenting time arrangements right now.

The next day, Bre took Corey to Gregor’s house and dropped him off. After Corey died a few hours later, the jury found Gregor guilty of gross manslaughter as per Inside Edition.

The prosecutors didn’t say anything about what might have happened to Corey during the trial, so they don’t know what happened. A big reason why Gregor was found guilty on that charge is that Bre took Corey to see both a doctor and an expert on April 1, as the judge who turned down her request told her to. The exams and tests that doctors did on Corey that day showed that the boy’s deadly injuries did not happen until he was with his father.

After an exam, it was found that Corey died from blunt force injuries, including trauma to the heart and liver that caused acute inflammation and sepsis. A second autopsy, done almost a year later.

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Gregor will be given his sentence on August 2. He could spend up to 30 years in jail for manslaughter and 10 years for endangering others. The No Early Release Act says that people in New Jersey who are convicted of violent crimes must serve 85% of their term before they can be released on parole. This sentence will also be affected by that law.

Bre has also sued the State of New Jersey’s Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) for wrongful killing.

In her civil suit, she says that her son Corey might still be living if the agency and its case workers had “adequately, properly, and fully investigated the reports of abuse” she made about her son and his father.

In the lawsuit, she says that the agency was “negligent, reckless, and clearly unreasonable.” She is seeking both wrongful death and survivor damages on behalf of Corey’s estate.

She had Corey when she was 17 years old and Gregor was 22 years old. She raised Corey by herself for the first five years of his short life. When Gregor asked the court for joint custody, she shared custody with him. According to Micciolo, that’s when the abuse began.

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