Fairfield Police arrested 3 Teens after a Hot Police Chase ended after Crash

Fairfield, CA: A car that had been reported stolen from the 800 block of East Tabor Avenue became the focal point of a high-speed police pursuit in Fairfield at the beginning of this month, which caused chaos to break out in the streets.

At the intersection of State Route 12 and Pennsylvania Avenue, officers J. and S. Smith of the Fairfield Police Department discovered the stolen vehicle traveling along the highway. According to a post that was made on the Facebook page of the department, they attempted to pull it over at approximately 4:30 p.m., but the young suspects had other intentions and the vehicle was totally destroyed.

The cops needed to make the decision to break up the pursuit on their own because of the heavy traffic and the risk that was created by the suspect’s erratic driving. A big column of smoke indicated that there was a problem in the vicinity of State Route 12 and Chadbourne Road, and it didn’t take long before the car met its flaming end.

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Several people were seen fleeing the burning wreckage in the direction of a car dealership that was located close by, as reported by witnesses. As soon as the police arrived, they immediately established a perimeter, and a short while after that, three young boys were placed in handcuffs. At the time of the arrest, it was alleged that one of the minor suspects had a replica gun.

Because the individuals involved are still minors, the Fairfield Police Department has not yet disclosed their identities. The authorities have started an investigation to locate the thieves and their connection with the juveniles.