Exploring the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods of Tamarac, Florida!

Tamarac, a suburban community in Broward County, Florida, is well-known for its friendly atmosphere and cozy neighborhood. Although the city boasts a lot of comfortingly safe neighborhoods, there are also some dangerous areas. This article explains five locations in Tamarac where readers should exercise additional caution for their personal safety.

Tamarac Lakes North

Tamarac Lakes North neighborhood, in the northern part of the city, used to have a higher crime rate when it came to property crimes. In order to safeguard their personal possessions and the property they occupy, homeowners and renters in this area should carefully consider the financial advantages of implementing security measures, such as alarm systems and video cameras.


The crime rate in the Sunflower neighborhood is noticeably greater than the rate in other areas in Tamarac. While it’s important to avoid generalizations and recognize that there may be differences in the level of safety from one neighborhood to another, Sunflower residents should always be alert and take the necessary precautions.

A more secure environment can be created by taking part in neighborhood watch programs and building contacts with the local law enforcement.

Tamarac Lakes South

Many of the security concerns that affect Tamarac Lakes North also affect Tamarac Lakes South, which is adjacent to the former. Locals should be cautious and make sure their homes and cars are always locked securely. Fostering a strong sense of community and keeping lines of communication open with neighbors are two crucial strategies that can help deter possible criminal activity.


Despite all of Westwood’s wonderful attributes, there have been some safety issues in recent years. By reporting any suspicious activity right once and cooperating with local law authorities to resolve issues, residents may increase their level of safety.

Mainlands of Tamarac

The Tamarac Mainlands, particularly the western side, have seen noticeably higher rates of criminal activity when compared to other areas of the city.

Similar to the other neighborhoods on this list, this one can be made safer by fostering a strong sense of community and reporting any unexpected incidents.

Advice on Personal Protection

  • Make a note of where you are: It’s critical to keep your awareness level high when traveling through unfamiliar locations, particularly when driving or walking.
  • Installing strong locks, ample outdoor lights, and top-notch alarm systems will help you protect your home.
  • Never leave anything valuable lying about in your car; always lock your doors.
  • If you become aware of any suspicious activity, don’t hesitate to report it to the local law enforcement authorities.
  • Take part in community activities and neighborhood watch programs to meet new people and feel safer in your neighborhood.

Final Words

Even while Tamarac is a safe and friendly community overall, there are certain neighborhoods where there has been an increase in crime, therefore additional caution must be taken. By keeping an eye on their surroundings, taking the appropriate safety precautions, and working with the local community and law enforcement, Tamarac residents and visitors can help make the town a safer and more secure place to live and visit.