Discover Top The Most Dangerous Cities to Live in Ohio, USA

Ohio, known for its contributions to sports, music, and American culture, also grapples with crime challenges in several of its cities. As of 2023, data from various sources highlights the most dangerous cities in Ohio, based on per capita rates of violent and property crimes. Here’s an overview of these cities, each with unique challenges contributing to their high crime rates.

  1. Chillicothe: Once the capital of Ohio, Chillicothe now has the dubious distinction of being the state’s most dangerous city. With a total of 7,743 reported crimes in a population of 21,748, the city faces 248% more crime than any other Ohio city. Property crimes are particularly high, with residents being 3.5 times more likely to experience such crimes than in the rest of Ohio​​.
  2. Canton: Known for the Professional Football Hall of Fame, Canton is more dangerous than 99% of American cities. The city reported 1,429 violent crimes and 3,411 property crimes in 2020. A significant factor contributing to the high crime rate is the poverty rate, with 31.7% of Canton residents living below the poverty line​​.
  3. Cleveland: This city, famous for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, has seen a 5% increase in both violent and property crimes in recent years. Cleveland reported 21,714 total crimes in 2020, including 6,281 cases of violent crime. The city’s violent crime rate is higher than the rest of the state, with 1 out of 69 people falling victim to these crimes​​.
  4. Springfield: Near Columbus, Springfield’s property crime affects 1 out of 19 people. Although property crime has recently decreased by 30%, the total reported crimes in 2020 were 5,711, with property crime far surpassing violent crime. Springfield’s crime hotspots include Selma Road and East Main Street​​.
  5. Portsmouth: Known for its floodwall murals, Portsmouth’s residents have a 1 in 19 risk of falling victim to property crime. The city reported a total of 5,360 crimes in 2020, with a poverty rate of 35%. Despite a lower rate of violent crimes, property crimes are a significant concern​​.
  6. Whitehall: Ranking 6th in Ohio for danger, Whitehall has the 3rd most property crimes relative to its population. Of the 5,254 crimes reported recently, 4,428 were property crimes. Over one-third of the residents have fallen victim to some form of crime, be it violent or property​​.
  7. Dayton: Known as the birthplace of the Wright brothers, Dayton reported a total of 6,914 crimes in 2020. While property crime has decreased by 4%, violent crime has seen a 5% increase. The city has the second-highest murder rate in the state​​.
  8. Logan: Despite its outdoor attractions and excellent restaurants, Logan reported 4,881 crimes in 2020, with a majority being property crimes. Violent incidents are relatively rare, but the city still faces challenges with property thefts​​.
  9. Lima: A small city with a high population density, Lima reported 4,780 total crimes in 2020, including 4,073 property crimes and 707 violent crimes. The city’s poverty rate is almost double the nationwide average at 25.8%, contributing to its high crime rates​​.
  10. Akron: Famous for producing NBA players like LeBron James, Akron faces high rates of car thefts, rapes, and arson, making it one of Ohio’s most dangerous cities​​.

These cities highlight the varied challenges facing urban areas in Ohio. Economic factors like poverty, combined with high population densities in some cases, contribute significantly to the crime rates. Understanding these complexities is crucial for residents, potential movers, and policymakers to address safety concerns effectively.