Discover Top 15 noisiest cities in the world!

The phenomenon of noise pollution in urban environments is a growing concern globally. As cities expand and populations increase, the cacophony of sounds from traffic, industry, construction, and daily human activities escalates, leading to significant health and environmental challenges.

In this context, understanding the noisiest cities in the world provides insight into the scale of this issue. This article delves into the top 15 noisiest cities as of 2023, exploring the reasons behind their high decibel levels and the implications for residents and urban planners.

Here are the top 15 noisiest cities in the world, along with explanations for their high noise pollution levels:

  1. Dhaka, Bangladesh (119 dB): Dhaka’s extreme noise levels are due to its dense population, heavy traffic congestion, and bustling street life.
  2. Moradabad, India (114 dB): Moradabad’s high noise pollution is attributed to industrial activities, heavy traffic, and dense urban population.
  3. Islamabad, Pakistan (105 dB): Islamabad experiences significant noise pollution from traffic, construction activities, and urban development.
  4. Rajshahi, Bangladesh (103 dB): This city’s noise pollution is driven by dense traffic, industrial activities, and urban hustle.
  5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: The noise in Ho Chi Minh City is largely due to its status as a major economic and cultural hub, resulting in heavy traffic and industrial noise.
  6. Ibadan, Nigeria (101 dB): Ibadan’s noise pollution stems from its status as a populous city with significant traffic and commercial activities.
  7. Kupondole, Nepal (100 dB): Kupondole, being an urban area, experiences noise pollution from traffic and human activities.
  8. Algiers, Algeria: Algiers faces noise pollution challenges due to its dense population, traffic congestion, and urban activities.
  9. Bangkok, Thailand (99 dB): Bangkok’s noise levels are high because of its status as a major tourist destination, alongside traffic congestion and urban development.
  10. New York, United States (95 dB): New York is known for its bustling city life, including heavy traffic, construction, and diverse urban activities contributing to its noise pollution.
  11. Damascus, Syria (94 dB): Damascus experiences high noise levels due to its dense urban environment and the presence of heavy traffic and commercial activities.
  12. Manila, Philippines (92 dB): The capital city of the Philippines, Manila’s noise pollution is largely due to traffic congestion, industrial activities, and urban development.
  13. Hong Kong, China (89 dB): Hong Kong, a major financial hub, faces noise pollution from its dense population, heavy traffic, and continuous construction.
  14. Kolkata, India: Kolkata’s noise pollution is mainly due to heavy traffic, industrial activities, and large-scale urbanization.
  15. Asansol, India: Asansol experiences significant noise pollution, primarily from industrial activities and urban traffic.

Each of these cities faces unique challenges related to urban development, traffic congestion, industrial activities, and population density, contributing to their high levels of noise pollution.


The list of the top 15 noisiest cities in the world highlights a critical aspect of urban living – the impact of noise pollution. From Dhaka’s overwhelming 119 dB to Asansol’s industrial clamor, each city reflects unique challenges stemming from rapid urbanization, economic activities, and population density.

These findings emphasize the urgent need for effective urban planning and noise control measures. As cities continue to grow, addressing noise pollution becomes imperative to ensure healthier, more sustainable urban environments, thereby improving the quality of life for millions of inhabitants worldwide.

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