Discover Top 10 Unsafe Areas in Miami, FL

Miami, a vibrant city known for its beautiful beaches, diverse culture, and lively nightlife, also harbors areas with high crime rates that can pose risks to residents and visitors alike. This article explores the top 10 unsafe areas in Miami, providing insights into the challenges these neighborhoods face.

1. Model City (Liberty City)

Population: 25,023
Violent Crime: 1,781
Property Crime: 4,710
Total Reported Crime: 6,491
Known as Liberty City, Model City is infamous for its high crime rates, with violent crimes against women notably higher than the national average. The median household income is remarkably low at around $9,601, contrasting with the median home value of $280,000. This economic disparity significantly contributes to the neighborhood’s safety issues​​.

2. Upper Eastside

Population: 7,725
Violent Crime: 697
Property Crime: 5,548
Total Reported Crime: 6,245
Despite being 230% higher than the national average in crime rates, Upper Eastside is relatively safer for daytime activities, thanks to responsive police presence. However, the area still struggles with pickpocketing and petty theft​​.

3. North Miami

Population: 62,158
Violent Crime: 762
Property Crime: 1,382
Total Reported Crime: 3,944
North Miami’s crime rate of 34.06 per 1,000 residents highlights the varying levels of safety across different parts of the city. The south end is perceived as safer compared to the central neighborhoods​​.

4. Bayside Harbor

Population: 21,854
Violent Crime: 667
Property Crime: 4,211
Total Reported Crime: 4,878
Bayside Harbor, a popular tourist destination, faces issues with pickpocketing and property crime. Tourists are advised to remain cautious, particularly in avoiding conspicuous behavior​​.

5. Miami Gardens

Population: 112,514
Violent Crime: 782
Property Crime: 2,775
Total Reported Crime: 3,557
Miami Gardens presents a moderate crime rate with safer northwest sections. However, there’s a prevalence of property crime, and residents are advised to be cautious, especially in the southwest neighborhoods​​.

6. Little Haiti

Population: 33,229
Violent Crime: 1,056
Property Crime: 3,444
Total Reported Crime: 4,500
Little Haiti, known for its cultural richness, unfortunately faces significant safety challenges, including drug dealing and violent crime. Tourists are advised to exercise caution and avoid wandering off main roads​​.

7. Overtown

Overtown, just northwest of downtown Miami, has long been troubled by poverty, crime, and gang activity. It’s a neighborhood tourists are advised to pass through only via car or metro, avoiding on-foot exploration​​.

8. Downtown Miami

While undergoing redevelopment, Downtown Miami still experiences issues with homelessness and street crime. Tourists should avoid deserted streets at night and exercise vigilance​​.

9. Allapattah

An industrial area west of Wynwood, Allapattah deals with gang activity and drug trafficking. It’s recommended to avoid side blocks and exercise caution, even on major thoroughfares at night​​.

10. Little Havana

Renowned for its Latin flair, Little Havana also struggles with drug dealing, prostitution, and petty theft, particularly along SW 8th Street after hours. Daytime visits are generally safe, but caution is advised at night​​.

Wynwood, West Flagler, and Upper Eastside

Wynwood, with a vibrant arts scene, faces challenges with theft and violent crime. West Flagler, despite active police presence, suffers from petty crimes. Upper Eastside, east of Little Haiti, reports high violent crime rates. These areas require vigilance, especially at night​​​​.

Safety Tips

  • Avoid walking alone at night, especially in high-risk areas.
  • Be cautious of your surroundings and avoid displaying valuables.
  • Use public transportation or personal vehicles for safer travel through risky neighborhoods.
  • Stay informed about the local crime situation and heed advice from locals and authorities.


While Miami boasts many attractions and a rich cultural tapestry, certain areas pose significant safety risks. Awareness and caution are key when navigating these neighborhoods. Remember, the city also has many safe and welcoming areas worth exploring.