Discover the 5 Most Safest Neighborhoods in Kenai, Alaska

The Alaskan town of Kenai offers a wide range of tourist attractions and recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike. Kenai has a wide range of activities to suit every taste, whether your passions are historical sites, natural exploration, or cultural immersion.

But some would question if it’s safe to travel to or live in Kenai. This article will examine the five Kenai neighborhoods that have been determined to be the safest, supported by extensive crime data and statistics obtained from multiple credible sources.


Adjacent towns Nikiski and Salamatof are located north of Kenai and are reachable by the Kenai Spur Highway. While there are some business and industrial operations, their rural and residential characteristics predominate. With only 14 recorded offenses per 1,000 persons, Nikiski and Salamatof have an exceptionally low crime rate in comparison to other Kenai localities.

Theft and burglary are the most common crimes in these places, while severe crimes like assault, robbery, rape, and murder are incredibly uncommon. Nikiski and Salamatof offer a calm and serene environment for people who value the peace and quiet of the natural world and its fauna.

City Center

The City Center, located in the center of Kenai, is the focal point for civic and cultural amenities. This vibrant area is home to a wide range of businesses, restaurants, shops, and lodging facilities.

With only 22 recorded events per 1,000 residents, the City Center has a comparatively low crime rate when compared to other parts of Kenai. Both locals and tourists find this vibrant neighborhood to be appealing. It attracts a diverse mix.


Located south of Kenai on the Sterling Highway, Kalifornsky is a census-designated place with a vast and varied terrain that includes several communities such Kasilof, Cohoe, Clam Gulch, and Funny River. With 23 recorded offenses per 1,000 residents, Kalifornsky’s crime rate is comparatively low when compared to other Kenai neighborhoods.

Beyond its safety ratings, Kalifornsky boasts a wealth of open space and natural beauty, as well as a wide range of services and recreational possibilities for both locals and visitors.


The major urban hub in this area is Soldotna, which is located east of Kenai and divided by the Kenai River. It functions as the administrative hub of the Kenai Peninsula Borough. With only 24 recorded events per 1,000 residents, Soldotna has a comparatively low crime rate when compared to its surrounding areas.

Theft and motor vehicle theft are the most common offenses, but serious crimes including murder, rape, robbery, and assault are less common. Rich in natural resources and continuing to grow, Soldotna provides a wide range of services and facilities for both its residents and visitors.


Southeast of Kenai, next to the Sterling Highway, is the census-designated community of Sterling. This town, which hugs the borders of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, reflects a peaceful, rural lifestyle.

With only 25 recorded offenses per 1,000 persons, Sterling’s crime rate is comparatively low when compared to other parts of Kenai. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will find Sterling to be a perfect sanctuary due to its calm and gorgeous surroundings.

In summary

Neighborhoodscout reports that Kenai has an excellent A-grade because of its remarkably low crime rate, making it a generally safe city. However, safety levels tend to range depending on the type and frequency of criminal activity in a given location.

Following a comprehensive analysis of crime data and statistics from many sources, we have identified Kenai’s top five safest neighborhoods.

These areas, which are marked by low crime rates and a high sense of security, provide both residents and visitors an extraordinary quality of life. It makes sense to make these neighborhoods your main priorities whether thinking about moving to Kenai or visiting the area.