Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Custer County, Montana

Located in the southeast of the state, Custer County, Montana, is a rural area covering 3,793 square miles with a population of about 11,000 people. Miles City, the county seat and largest city in the county, with about 8,000 citizens.

Custer County is well known for its beautiful scenery, agricultural economy, and historical significance. However, it faces difficulties pertaining to criminality and aggression. Custer County’s total crime rate, according to data from, is 38.34 per 1,000 persons, which is higher than the state’s average of 28.77 but slightly lower than the national average of 40.43.

According to, Custer County has a higher rate of property crime (30.4 against 35.4) than the national average, but a lower rate of violent crime (14.6 versus 22.7).

This implies that although people in Custer County should feel safe from violent crimes in general, they should nevertheless take precautions to protect their possessions from damage and theft.

The five risky Custer County, Montana, communities with the highest crime rates per 1,000 residents will be examined in-depth in this article.

The Northwest Part of Miles City

The first neighborhood we will look at is in Miles City’s northwest, which has a crime rate of 65.67 per 1,000 persons.

In the northwest of Miles City, there are about 3,000 people living there, mostly White and Native Americans, according to

This locality’s median household income is $37,500, which is less than the county’s average of $46,800. In addition, the area’s poverty rate is 19%, higher than the county’s average of 13%.

The Northeast Part of Miles City

The second neighborhood we are thinking about is in Miles City’s northeast, with a crime rate of 58.33 incidents per 1,000 persons.

There are about 2,500 people living in this area of Miles City, and most of them are Caucasian or Native American.

This area’s typical household income is $41,000, which is marginally less than the county’s average income. Furthermore, the area’s poverty rate of 17% is marginally higher than the county’s average. There are a few possible causes of the crime rate in this area that are similar to those in Miles City’s northwest.

The Southeast Part of Miles City

The southeast region of Miles City is the third neighborhood under consideration. There are about 2,000 residents, most of whom are of Native American and Caucasian descent, and the crime rate is 50 occurrences per 1,000 persons. This area’s median household income is approximately $45,000, which is very similar to the average for the county.

This neighborhood has a 15% poverty rate, which is somewhat higher than the county average. Poverty, drug misuse, and domestic violence are all possible factors in this area’s high crime rate.

The Southwest Part of Miles City

The southwest area of Miles City is the location of our fourth neighborhood choice, with a crime rate of 41.67 per 1,000 persons. There are about 1,500 people living in this area, mostly a mixed-race group of White people and Native Americans.

The average household income in this area is $47,000, which is marginally more than the county’s average income. In a similar vein, the local poverty rate is approximately 14%, which is quite similar to the county average. The crime rate in this area is probably influenced by problems including drug misuse, domestic abuse, and mental health disorders.

The central part of Miles City

The core region of Miles City, where the crime rate is 33.33 per 1,000 persons, is the last neighborhood we will look at. There are about a thousand people living in this area of town, mostly Native Americans and White people.

This region’s median household income is $50,000, which is somewhat more than the county average. At 13%, the poverty rate is the same as the county average. Retail stores, bars, and hotels are some possible variables driving up crime rates in the neighborhood because they attract both tourists and criminals.

In summary

In conclusion, Custer County, Montana, has a lower rate of violent crime than the national average, indicating a generally safe environment. However, it faces a higher than average property crime rate compared to national figures.

Remarkably, Custer County’s largest and most urbanized town, Miles City, is home to five of the county’s most dangerous areas.

Custer County can take steps to address the root causes of crime and put in place efficient preventative and intervention measures in order to improve the general well-being and safety of its citizens.