Discover Most Dangerous Safety and The Safest American States for Driving

Road safety is a critical concern for motorists across the United States. Various factors, including traffic laws, road conditions, and driver behavior, contribute to the safety of states’ roads. This report evaluates the safest and most dangerous states for driving in the USA, based on recent studies and statistics.

The Safest States for Driving

  1. Vermont: Ranking as the safest state for the third consecutive year with a score of 68.27, Vermont leads in overall safety, including workplace safety and emergency preparedness​​.
  2. Maine: Coming in second with a score of 65.85, Maine is recognized for its overall safety measures​​.
  3. Massachusetts: Known for its low fatal accident rate (334 per year) and traffic deaths per 100,000 people (4.9), Massachusetts is among the top safest states​​​​.
  4. New Hampshire and Utah: These states also feature in the top five, with New Hampshire excelling in road safety and Utah in financial safety​​.

Connecticut stands out for personal and residential safety, while Alaska earns top honors for emergency preparedness​​.

The Most Dangerous States for Driving

  1. Louisiana: Ranking last for the third straight year, Louisiana has the lowest overall safety score of 32.99, making it the most dangerous state for driving​​.
  2. Mississippi: With 53 fatal accidents per month and a high traffic death rate (25.4 per 100,000 people), Mississippi ranks as one of the most dangerous states​​​​.
  3. Wyoming: Not far behind, Wyoming experiences 12 fatal accidents per month and has a traffic death rate of 22 per 100,000 people​​.
  4. Arkansas, Texas, and Florida: These states also appear at the bottom of the list for overall road safety​​.

Mississippi also scored lowest for financial safety, road safety, and emergency preparedness. North Dakota had the worst ranking for workplace safety, and Colorado for personal and residential safety​​.


The safety of driving in a state is influenced by several factors, including effective law enforcement, quality of roads, emergency services, and public awareness about road safety. The safest states demonstrate a comprehensive approach to all aspects of road safety, from infrastructure to emergency response. On the other hand, the most dangerous states suffer from issues like higher rates of fatal accidents and deficiencies in road safety management and emergency preparedness.


Understanding the safety landscape of American roads is vital for policy makers, law enforcement, and drivers alike. While states like Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts showcase effective road safety measures, states like Louisiana, Mississippi, and Wyoming highlight areas needing significant improvement. Continuous efforts in enhancing road safety infrastructure, enforcing traffic laws, and promoting driver education are essential for reducing road fatalities and making American roads safer for everyone.