Discover California Counties Ban River Recreation Due to Dangerous Conditions

As of my latest research, several counties in California have implemented bans on river recreation due to dangerous conditions following a series of winter storms. These measures have been taken primarily in response to the hazards posed by swift, cold, and high water levels, primarily resulting from melting snow in the Sierra Nevada.

The specific details I found are as follows:

  1. Fresno County: Officials in Fresno County closed the Kings and San Joaquin Rivers to everyone except professional rafting companies. However, as of a recent update, the San Joaquin River has been reopened for recreation, but the Kings River remains closed. Violators of these closures may face a $225 fine.
  2. Tulare County: In Tulare County, access to the Kern River has been restricted to commercial outfitters only. This restriction was implemented by Sheriff Mike Boudreaux due to the river’s dangerous conditions.
  3. Kern County: Contrary to Tulare County, Kern County has not implemented a ban on the Kern River. This decision was made by Sheriff Donny Youngblood of Kern County.
  4. Parks in Fresno and Madera Counties: Two parks along the San Joaquin River, Lost Lake Park in Friant and Skaggs Bridge Park in Kerman, remain closed due to damage from flooding and necessary repairs.

It’s important to note that my search was limited and there may be additional counties with similar bans or restrictions that were not covered in the sources I accessed. The situation is also subject to change, so it would be advisable to check for the most current information, especially if planning any activities in or around the rivers in these counties.