Discover 25 Most Dangerous Counties in New York State

New York State, renowned for its vibrant cities and picturesque landscapes, also harbors regions with higher than average crime rates. Understanding the safety landscape of these areas is crucial for residents and visitors alike. Here, we delve into some of the most dangerous counties in New York State, based on their violent crime rates, providing insights and safety tips for those who might live in, visit, or traverse these areas.

The Most Dangerous Counties

  1. Bronx (928.8 Violent Crime Rate): As an urban hub, the Bronx faces challenges with high crime rates, necessitating caution in certain neighborhoods.
  2. Kings (571.8): Home to Brooklyn, Kings County’s diverse and bustling environment is countered by crime challenges in some areas.
  3. New York (570.7): Covering Manhattan, this county, while being a cultural and financial epicenter, also has areas with elevated crime rates.
  4. Queens (428.6): Queens’ rich cultural diversity comes with varying crime rates, more pronounced in densely populated areas.
  5. Greene (411.3): A county known for its rural charm, Greene faces contrasting crime issues in certain localities.
  6. Erie (402.2): Erie, including Buffalo, is a cultural center with urban areas experiencing higher crime rates.
  7. Albany (367.1): The state capital, Albany, sees a mix of political activity and urban crime.
  8. Schenectady (360.2): With its historical significance and economic growth, Schenectady also contends with crime in certain neighborhoods.
  9. Onondaga (354.4): Hosting Syracuse, Onondaga County has pockets of crime despite being a cultural and educational hub.
  10. Broome (350.7): Known for its university presence, Broome County’s crime rates vary across its landscape.
  11. Niagara (315.2): Beyond the natural beauty of Niagara Falls, this county has urban centers with notable crime rates.
  12. Chautauqua (312.9): Chautauqua, with its picturesque lakes and cultural venues, also deals with crime in specific areas.
  13. Monroe (301.6): Encompassing Rochester, Monroe County’s urban sections face higher crime rates.
  14. Richmond (289.3): Covering Staten Island, Richmond County experiences urban crime alongside its suburban and natural landscapes.
  15. Rensselaer (288.6): Known for its educational institutions, Rensselaer also faces crime challenges in urban areas.
  16. Cayuga (262.8): Despite its historical and natural attractions, Cayuga County has crime issues in certain towns.
  17. Jefferson (256.4): Jefferson County, with its military base and natural beauty, also encounters crime, especially in more populated areas.
  18. Oneida (245.4): Home to cities like Utica, Oneida County’s crime rates vary, with urban areas being more affected.
  19. Chenango (242.7): A rural county, Chenango faces crime issues that contrast with its otherwise peaceful setting.
  20. Fulton (214.4): Known for its lakes and outdoor activities, Fulton County deals with crime in certain localities.
  21. Chemung (208.9): Hosting Elmira, Chemung County sees varied crime rates across its urban and rural areas.
  22. Cortland (206.0): Cortland, with its college town vibe, also faces crime challenges in specific neighborhoods.
  23. Sullivan (195.4): A county with a mix of rural areas and small towns, Sullivan has crime issues in certain pockets.
  24. Dutchess (194.2): Dutchess County, known for its educational institutions and scenic beauty, also contends with crime in urban areas.
  25. Wayne (191.2): Wayne County, with its agricultural landscapes, faces crime challenges, particularly in more populated areas.


This overview of the 26 most dangerous counties in New York State reveals a diverse range of environments, each with its unique challenges regarding crime. It’s crucial to remain vigilant, stay informed about local crime statistics, and take necessary precautions, especially in urban and densely populated areas. Understanding these dynamics is key to ensuring safety and making informed decisions about living in or visiting these parts of New York State.