Deputies report that 19 people were arrested during a Florida “pop-up” marijuana shop sting

In Winter Park, Florida, an operation conducted by Seminole County sheriff’s deputies resulted in the arrest of 19 individuals this past Saturday. The arrests came after a covert investigation into a ‘pop-up’ business suspected of illicitly selling marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms.

Adjacent to the scene of the sting, Jessie Santiago, an employee at a local Exxon gas station, weighed in on the operation, emphasizing the importance of abiding by the law: “If you do the wrong thing, you gotta pay the price.” Santiago’s comments reflect a broader community expectation for legal compliance, especially in contrast to the pop-up’s alleged illegal activities.

Undercover deputies successfully purchased marijuana from the establishment, leading to a subsequent search warrant. The search revealed 58.6 pounds of suspected marijuana, 2.4 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms, and various other products.

Those apprehended in the sting include

  1. Alphonso C. Coney,
  2. Jose Manuel Vega Figueroa,
  3. Kassim Michael Forbes,
  4. Chase Allen Gibson,
  5. Austin Rhyan Goldstein,
  6. Lamika Roschelle Harvey,
  7. Tiara Nichole Joiner,
  8. Christopher Don Martin Leonce,
  9. Jonathan Gabriel-Patrick Leonce,
  10. Geovanny Javier Morales,
  11. Oscar Khris Pastrana,
  12. Angel Oscar Seda Rivera,
  13. Arsenio De Shawn Rivera,
  14. Alexandria Marie Ruemmeley,
  15. Anthony Darren Testman,
  16. Jeremiah Nathaniel Townsend,
  17. Dominic Kason Warren-Henderson,
  18. June Marie Williams,
  19.  Matthew Johnel Winckel,

each facing charges related to the conspiracy to traffic marijuana.

Notably, prior to the property search, Rivera and Ruemmeley were found with two firearms, additional quantities of suspected cannabis, and psilocybin mushrooms in their vehicle.

This incident highlights the ongoing issues related to the illegal sale of marijuana in Florida, where recreational use remains prohibited and sales are tightly regulated to state-licensed dispensaries for medicinal purposes. The community, represented by voices like Santiago’s, underscores the significance of adhering to legal standards and the potential consequences of flouting them.