Deadly Miami Gunfight: One Dead, One Critically Injured in Little Haiti

Miami Police are conducting an investigation into a violent gunfight that took place in Miami on Monday, which resulted in the death of one man and the critical injury of another.

Approximately seven minutes before seven o’clock in the evening, law enforcement officers arrived at the site in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, where they discovered two males who had been shot. According to the police, one of them passed away while being transported by Miami Fire Rescue to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. These individuals were brought there.

In an update to NBC6 on the case, Miami Police Public Information Officer Michael Vega revealed that the deceased individual was identified as Andre Mitchell, who was 24 years old.

“We know that these two victims were inside their vehicle when another two vehicles drove by, they started shooting at each other,” Vega explained to reporters.

In addition to the dozens of evidence markers that lined the street, the Half Moon Empanadas was struck by multiple bullets.

“Over 100 shots were fired at each other and any of these stray bullets could have hit a person inside their house or even any of the kids that were playing in the park across the street,” Vega explained to reporters.

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Another fatal shooting that occurred earlier on Monday about 2:00 p.m. may have been connected, according to the police as per NBC Miami.

We are conducting an investigation into this matter as a probable gang-related event. Along with the incident that took place earlier yesterday, we have reason to suspect that these two groups are competing gangs, and that there is something going on between them in which they are attempting to kill each other,” Vega stated.

It was stated by the police that the shooters are still at large and that they did not release a description of the suspects. You should get in touch with Crime Stoppers if you have any information.

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