17-year-old Girl Slammed into Wall by School Guard after Girl Started Violent Argument in Wisconsin: Court Records

A guard at a school in northern Wisconsin, which caters to troubled girls, has been accused of child abuse involving one of the children under their care.

A man named Evan D. White, aged 44, has been charged with serious crimes including physical abuse of a child, intentionally causing bodily harm, and substantial battery. In mid-April, an incident took place at the Copper Lake School for Girls.

As per the complaint, the 17-year-old girl declined to return to her room following outdoor recreation. After returning to her room, she decided to use a rock to try and break one of the windows.

White approached the unit and requested the girl to cease her actions, however, she adamantly refused and proceeded to use offensive language while confronting the guard. She proceeded to spit in his face twice while he attempted to hold her back. He embraced her tightly, while another guard tried to escort her back to her room.

According to the complaint, White attempted to bring the girl back to her room, but things took a violent turn when he forcefully threw her against the wall and slammed her into the ground. The girl mentioned feeling lightheaded and experiencing temporary loss of vision after accidentally hitting her head on the wall.

Following the impact with the wall, the girl experienced a severe headache and noticed a sensation of liquid running down her face. She experienced headaches for several days following the incident. According to the complaint, the girl was promptly taken to a nearby hospital where medical staff efficiently treated her cut by gluing it shut and provided her with Tylenol.

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Based on medical records, the girl experienced a facial laceration with drainage from her right eye and swelling.

Last week, a young person at Lincoln Hills School for Boys, located on the same Irma campus as Copper Lake, was charged with the tragic beating of a guard.

A teenager named Javarius Hurd has been charged in connection with the death of Corey Proulx, a 49-year-old individual, and the injuries sustained by a 25-year-old female guard during an altercation. Another boy has been charged in connection with the altercation for supplying the bottle of conditioner that Hurd used to throw at the woman’s face as per JsOnline News.

Last week, both individuals were charged with second-degree reckless homicide in connection with Proulx’s death.

A Lincoln County Judge granted White a $1,000 signature bond on Tuesday. The date for his next court appearance has not been scheduled yet.

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