Couple Arrested after a Mother of 4 Caught Them Naked and Doing Inappropriate Acts at Florida Beach

Police say a Florida woman caught breaking the law on a Naples public pier jumped into the water on Monday afternoon to try to get away from them.

A police report says that 20-year-old Allyssia Razo was caught by the beach guard as soon as she got to shore, so her escape didn’t help much.

A mother of four children told the Naples Police Department that a man and a woman were doing inappropriate activities behind the locked gate of the historic pier around 4:30 p.m., during the busy Memorial Day holiday.

When police arrived, Razo and Zadok Westfield, 23, were still engaged in the activity.

While they were rushing to get dressed, Razo walked to the edge of the pier and jumped in, even though police told her to stay where she was.

Westfield stayed at the scene even though he was naked when the police came.

He told the officer that he and Razo had swum to the end of the pier with the plan to jump off, but didn’t. Instead, they ended up in the state.

The mother, who saw Razo and Westfield naked in public told cops that she was at the beach with her four kids, who are between the ages of 7 and 15, near the pier.

“Her minor children were asking about what the subjects were doing,” she told the cops.

Ratzinger and Westfield were both charged with breaking the law and upsetting the peace. On top of that, Razo was charged with fighting arrest without violence.

Police arrested both of them and were released on the same day after bond.

The famous pier sticks out into the Gulf of Mexico about 1,000 feet. It has only been partly open to visitors since Hurricane Ian damaged it badly in 2022.

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