Cop-taunting YouTuber “Famous Richard” was arrested by a vigilant Port Authority cop on suspicion of robbery

In a twist of fate that highlights the perils of blending social media notoriety with real-world consequences, Richard Sharp, a 24-year-old aspiring comedian and drill rapper known as “Famous Richard” on social media platforms, found himself in handcuffs, facing serious charges. This incident, involving the New York Police Department (NYPD) and Port Authority Police, underscores the thin line between online antics and legal repercussions.

A Prank Gone Wrong: Sharp’s penchant for taunting the NYPD, a recurring theme in his online presence, took an unexpected turn when he encountered Port Authority Police Officer Bradley DeSalvo. Sharp, aiming to capture another provocative video at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 8th Avenue, didn’t realize that Officer DeSalvo recognized him as a suspect from a previous robbery attempt in Manhattan. This recognition led to Sharp’s swift arrest, an ironic twist given his usual online narrative.

The Port Authority Police Benevolent Association described the event on Instagram, noting the surprise turn of events as Sharp’s routine approach to film his confrontation was upended by Officer DeSalvo’s awareness and action.

The Incident That Led to the Arrest: The arrest stemmed from an altercation at a Broadway smoke shop, where Sharp reportedly argued over prices with the employees. The situation escalated when Sharp allegedly revealed what appeared to be a gun underneath his black coat before leaving the establishment. This incident, detailed in a criminal complaint filed by Manhattan prosecutors, became the basis for Sharp’s arrest on charges of first-degree attempted robbery.

Notoriety and Taunts: Sharp’s social media content often featured him taunting police officers, displaying a brazen attitude towards law enforcement. His affiliation with Chicago’s Black Disciples street gang was a frequent theme in his videos. In one particularly bold instance, he inquired about an officer’s weapon with a provocative remark. His references to “King David,” an homage to Black Disciples founder David Barksdale, were recurrent in his interactions with officers on patrol.

In April, Sharp’s confrontational style was on full display as he ridiculed an Asian-American officer in Times Square with derogatory remarks, showcasing his disregard for authority and social decorum.

Despite the NYPD’s alert about Sharp’s attempts to grab officers’ guns, he continued his provocations, taunting the police about their inability to apprehend him and even joking about fleeing to Mexico.

Legal Consequences and Court Proceedings: Sharp’s antics finally caught up with him in Queens, where he faced charges of obstruction, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. Sources indicated that his tough online persona contrasted sharply with his demeanor while in custody, where he reportedly broke down.

His not guilty plea to the first-degree attempted robbery charge did not prevent his release without bail. However, the gravity of the situation remains as Sharp is scheduled for a court appearance in February regarding the attempted robbery case.

This series of events serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of blurring the lines between social media fame and real-life actions, especially when they involve legal boundaries and public safety. The case of Richard Sharp is a stark reminder that online behavior, no matter how popular or entertaining, is not exempt from real-world consequences.