Cop Arrested for Shoplifting Shoes while on Duty in Mississippi

A Columbus, Mississippi, police officer was terminated from her position following allegations of theft involving a $140 pair of shoes.

Robin Conner, 33, allegedly stole an item from a Dick’s Sporting Goods store while on duty, dressed in uniform, and using her patrol cruiser, according to officials and reports from WTVA and the Columbus Dispatch. The incident occurred just after 12 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb 21.

The co-workers went to the store upon receiving a call from an employee. The officers apprehended Conner upon their arrival at the location, as reported. She was incarcerated for misdemeanor shoplifting and given a $862 surety bond.

“An employee observed them and detained the officer and called 911. Knowing it was an officer, called the [shift supervisor] and they notified us. Myself, the assistant chief and the captain over patrol all responded.”

Conner, who joined the agency in 2022, was first put on administrative leave. Daughtry described the situation as “embarrassing” and stated that she would not receive preferential treatment.

The police chief stated that there is no conflict of interest, according to the publication. “For minor cases like this misdemeanor, we handle it ourselves as it is straightforward. If it were a more serious case, we would refer it to a different agency.”

The next day, the city council voted overwhelmingly with a 5-0 decision to dismiss Conner. The probe is still ongoing.

Recently, a 48-year-old police officer from Florida was apprehended for shoplifting at Walmart’s self-checkout counter. After examining business records and security footage, it was claimed that employees discovered David Griffin had performed the offense multiple times. He faced five charges of retail petty theft and was compelled to step down from his position.

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