Controversial Arrest Bill “SB-4” Faces Huge Backlash in major Texas Cities

Dallas, TX: The controversial SB-4 Bill is facing a huge backlash from the immigrant communities all across the Texas.

It was evident on Sunday that we have neighbors here at home who are not only outraged about the contentious immigration bill SB 4, but also scared about what the law could entail for them. Dallas is located hundreds of miles away from the border, yet it was clear that we have neighbors here at home.

The law that allows state law enforcement the authority to arrest migrants who are suspected of entering the United States illegally is that which is referred to as SB 4.

In front of a gathering consisting of hundreds of people, one of the organizers of the event stated that Senate Bill 4 was a “hateful, cruel, and racist state law.”

In the beginning, the Supreme Court decided to put Senate Bill 4 on hold; however, that decision was reversed earlier this week. Before an appeals court once more put a stop to it, it had been the law of the country for around 80 minutes. It was folks who feel they need it to remain that way that organized the event that took place downtown.

Texas’s Immigration Law Was Stopped Again, Just Hours After The Supreme Court Let The State Arrest Migrants

Demonstrators asserted that Senate Bill 4 violates the Constitution, incites fear among immigrant populations, and promotes racial profiling through a series of impassioned chanting, speeches, and marches that lasted for a half an hour.

SB 4 is supported by a number of individuals, as is expected. State Representative David Spiller is one of them. There has been a deliberate attempt to misrepresent the law, according to the Republican from Jacksboro who authored the version of the measure that was passed by the House.