Clayton Woman Shot Dead as She was Packing to leave Abusive Boyfriend behind after Break-up: Police

Clayton, NJ: According to the police, Anthony J. Williams, who was 45 years old, executed Nina D. Sinclair-Green, who was 43 years old. As the woman was getting ready to leave, the man committed a murder-suicide. Both man and woman died at the scene.

The police say that a guy in New Jersey shot and killed a woman as she was leaving him, and then turned the pistol on himself. The man then shot at her family who were waiting outside to assist her.

Authorities in Gloucester County, New Jersey, The Courier-Post, 6 ABC, and have reported that Anthony J. Williams, 45, was the one who fatally shot Nina D. Sinclair-Green, 43, on Tuesday in an apartment in Clayton, New Jersey.

On Tuesday evening, officers from the Clayton Police Department went to a “domestic incident and a report of gun fire.” When they arrived, they discovered Sinclair-Green and Williams dead, according to a statement released by the department on Wednesday.

Although the victims were not named in the statement released by the police, they were identified by a number of different news outlets. In their statement, the police indicated that the preliminary phases of the inquiry indicate that it was a murder-suicide.

According to reports from The Courier-Post, NBC Philadelphia, 6 ABC, and, Sinclair-Green was apparently in the midst of packing things up and leaving the house where she resided with Williams when he shot her.

Following that, Williams fired shots at her family who were waiting outside to assist her with her relocation, according to reports from NBC Philadelphia, which cite authorities. The entryway of the apartment was open, and he fired shots at the individuals within.

According to the reports, the officials stated that the members of the family who were inside the automobile did not sustain any injuries. Later, Williams allegedly shot himself inside the flat, according to the police.

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