City Councilor Arrested in Oklahoma on Domestic Assault Charges

Tulsa City, OK: The authorities in Oklahoma have arrested a man on domestic assault charges. The man is identified as Grant Miller. Miller works as a City Councilor in Tulsa City.

According to the arrest documents, Grant Adam Miller was taken into custody before 10 pm on Thursday evening.

The mother of the victim reportedly called the police to report an incidence of domestic abuse that took place on Tuesday, as stated in the report filed by the police service.

Following an argument between the two of them, the victim reported that Miller kicked her with both feet, which resulted in her hitting a dresser, according to the police.

Miller allegedly grabbed and pushed the victim during the dispute, which resulted in bruises to both of the victim’s arms, legs and left hand, according to the Police Department.

Miller is currently serving on the Tulsa City Council as the representative for District 5. A bond of $8,000 was established as per NewSon6 News.

Crime has been rising in Oklahoma. This is especially true about domestic assaults. Recently, a father of 4 killed his wife and 3 sons. He only spared his youngest son and then claimed his own life as well.

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