Who is Casper Ruud’s Girlfriend, Maria Galligani? How Long Have They Been Dating?

Casper Ruud, a Norwegian tennis player, is regarded as one of the best young clay-court players of his generation. He is currently ranked No. 2 in the world by ATP.

Ruud is the first Norwegian player to win an ATP title, and he has ten. In 2022, he reached the finals of two major Grand Slams and will compete for the Wimbledon title in 2023. Ruud is only 24 years old, but his incredible performance has earned him fans from all over the world.

Quick Info About Maria Galligani

NameMaria Galligani
Date of BirthOctober 30, 1997
Age26 Years Old
Height5 feet 9 inches
HometownOslo, Norway
BoyfriendCasper Rudd

Casper Ruud Biography

Casper Ruud was born on 22 December 1998 in Oslo, Norway. Ruud was raised in Oslo, where his parents and siblings resided. Tennis is in his blood, as his father, Christian Ruud, was a very famous former Norwegian tennis player. In his youth, he gained a great deal from his father.

He also has two sisters, with whom he shared his early years. Ruud has always desired to be a tennis player, and Rafael Nadal has always been his idol. Like his idol, he enjoys playing on clay, where he eventually achieved the majority of his success. Casper Ruud is a renowned tennis player who is currently in a relationship with Maria Galligani.

Who is Casper Ruud’s Girlfriend, Maria Galligani?

Maria Galligani is the stunning girlfriend of Casper Rudd, the Norwegian tennis player. Galligani graduated from Oslo New University College with a degree in psychology and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in the same subject at the University of Southern Denmark.

Who is Casper Ruud's Girlfriend, Maria Galligani

On September 30, 1997, she was born. and she is now 25 years old. Maria Galligani is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 65 kg, whereas he is 6 feet tall. Galligani has been working for the Norwegian Red Cross since October 2018.

Her responsibilities in that organization include working with children and young people. She is currently studying Psychology in Oslo.

How Did Casper Ruud and Maria Galligani Meet?

Rudd and Galligani are rumored to have met in their respective hometowns in 2018 and began dating shortly thereafter. Galligani is often seen cheering for her boyfriend at his matches, as she is very supportive of him. According to reports, the couple currently resides in an apartment together.

Do Casper Ruud and Maria Galligani Have Children?

Casper and Maria are a young couple, but they don’t have any kids yet. But they now live together and have a dog named Bajas Galligani Ruud that they got together.

How Long Have Casper Ruud and Maria Galligani Been Dating?

They’ve been dating for over three years. Casper Ruud’s boyfriend, Maria Galligani, has always had his back. She has been seen cheering for him from the stands on several occasions. She is also very close to the Ruud family, as evidenced by the numerous photos she has posted of them on their Instagram account.

Casper Ruud’s loving girlfriend Maria Galligani recently posted a picture of him with an adorable caption when he reached the final of the US Open. The caption read, “So proud of you, my love, and your amazing team.” She was also in the audience when he lost to eventual champion Carlos Alcaraz.

Some Interesting Facts About Maria Galligani

She’s Norwegian

Galligani hails from the same country as Ruud, and the couple currently resides in Oslo.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she attended Oslo Nye Hyskole from 2017 to 2020, where she earned a degree in psychology. She earned her master’s in psychology from the University of Southern Denmark in 2022. In addition, she has worked for a sports nutrition company. In 2023, Mario Kart 9 may be released for the Nintendo Switch.

She is a Supportive Girlfriend

Galligani regularly watches Ruud’s matches from his family box and has been there for him at some of his most important career moments.

She was present when Ruud won the Generali Open in 2021, posing on the court with him as he held his trophy. During the 2022 season, Galligani supported Ruud at Wimbledon and the US Open, where she sat in the stands with Ruud’s sister.

The couple then traveled to London for the 2022 Laver Cup, where they shared a kiss on the red carpet at the tournament’s Opening Night Gala.

She Loves to Travel

Galligani gets to see a lot of the world because he follows Ruud to all of his tournaments. From Paris to London to Monte Carlo, the couple has had a great time traveling to the places where Ruud has played.

Ruud and Galligani went on a trip to New York City in September 2022. While there, they went to the Vogue World fashion show. Ruud posted a picture of himself and Galligani at the event on Instagram. Galligani was wearing a blue floor-length dress, and Ruud was wearing a blue velvet suit.

Who is Casper Ruud's Girlfriend, Maria Galligani

Since then, Galligani has put up more photos from her trips on Instagram. In April 2023, she posted a picture from Barcelona, Spain, where she was standing by a window and looking out at the city. The next month, the traveler shared a photo of herself posing in Rome while wearing a stylish blue top and white pants.

She is a Dog Mom

Ruud and Galligani share an adorable Malshi pup named Bajas Galligani Ruud. Bajas was born on December 10, 2020, according to the dog’s Instagram account. The couple seems to have gotten him in early January 2021.

Ruud and Galligani have posted a lot of photos with Bajas over the years, and sometimes they take him with them on their adventures, like when Ruud took Bajas to the Swedish Open in July 2021.

“Take your child to work day,” the tennis star wrote in the caption of a video of him posing on the court with Bajas and Galligani. In December 2022, Ruud posted a cute picture of him, Galligani, and Bajas standing in front of a Christmas tree.

She Likes to Golf

Ruud is also a big fan of golf, and it looks like he has gotten his girlfriend interested in it as well. Galligani had a few photos of herself golfing on her Instagram page before she made it private. One of the photos was a cute one of Ruud teaching her how to swing.

Ruud made a joke in April 2022 about playing golf with Nadal. Ruud told the ATP, “He’s a very, very tough opponent.” “Honestly, he’s a little hard to play with because he doesn’t say much because he’s so focused. Most of the time on the golf course, people laugh and joke around. There are no jokes with him.”

She is Close With Ruud’s Family

Galligani appears to have a good relationship with Caroline and Charlotte, Ruud’s sisters. At numerous tournaments, she has sat in his family box with them and has taken pictures with them after his victories.

Final Words

Finally, Maria Galligani is the loving and supportive girlfriend of Norwegian tennis player Casper Ruud. She is a psychology student pursuing a master’s degree in the field. Galligani has been a fan of Ruud’s for over three years and has been seen cheering him on at his matches.

She is a frequent traveler, accompanying Ruud to tournaments all over the world. She also has a close relationship with Ruud’s family and is frequently seen with them at events. Bajas Galligani Ruud, the couple’s dog, is also present. Galligani’s presence and assistance have been crucial to Ruud’s successful career.

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