Car hits SUV in Biden’s convoy at Delaware event

While parked in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday night, an SUV that was a member of President Biden’s convoy was struck by a car. Fortunately, neither the First Lady nor the President were hurt.

At Wilmington, the campaign headquarters, the president and first lady held a reception with campaign staff. Soon after 8 p.m., the two left the event, and the president paused to respond to a query regarding why, according to surveys, he is trailing former President Trump.


In response, Biden said that journalists were examining “the wrong polls.” A little while later, an SUV stopped at the crosswalk across the street from the campaign headquarters was struck by a vehicle bearing Delaware license plates.

When the crash occurred, the president was still standing outside the automobile while the first lady had already inside it.

After escorting Biden into his car, Secret Service agents went to the automobile that had collided with the convoy.

A few minutes later, the president’s motorcade disembarked, and at about 8:20 p.m., the president and first lady returned to their Wilmington residence.

At this, a man passing by exclaimed, “Oh my gosh,” aloud.