Black Student Attacked by White Student; Perpetrator Pleaded Guilty for Racial Slurs and Violent Altercation in Kansas

According to recent news, a student at Shawnee Mission East had pleaded guilty to a felony count of aggravated battery causing great physical harm. The male student is accused of hurling racial slurs at another student. The victim is a black female student.

In a sad story that began six months ago with a fight in the high school hallway that left Breyanna with a broken nose and mental scars, this guilty plea was a major turning point.

The video of the event quickly went viral. On video, the white male student was seen using racial slurs, including the N-word, and then pushing and punching Breyanna in the nose.

No matter what you do, there are results. All of our kids learn that from us, and they need to teach him too. “He’s learning it now, but it’s coming slowly,” Linkya said.

Jackson told the family about the boy’s guilty plea; the family had not yet been told by the District Attorney’s office.

After pleading guilty, she can move on. Linkya added, “We started moving when she changed schools, but this is a breath of fresh air.”

The attack was not the end of Breyanna’s ordeal. She transferred to a different high school because she was scared about what would happen.

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In an interview, Breyanna talked about the terrible things that happened to her.

“It caused us a lot of difficulty.” Everywhere I went, I felt unsafe. Like in the halls and at school and like that. In the video that went viral, the white teen boy started to yell at Breyanna, “Shut the f—k up!”

As things got worse, he kept using racial slurs. When the boy shoved Breyanna, the situation quickly turned violent. The boy’s father, Nicholas Rosaly, told the reporters about what happened,

“The situation makes me angry.” A girl was hit by my son. Two, I was mad that he spoke or did anything like that because he should have waited and gotten a teacher.

The boy got a headache and an eye injury in the fight, according to local news.

Boy had gotten into a fight with a Black student before.

Linkyas begged school officials, “If you know there is racism and there are other people there, don’t brush it off; take it seriously. If you don’t, this could happen again or something even worse, and our kids are sending them to you; you’re supposed to protect them.” That is something we need you to do.

The boy, 16, will be sentenced on June 20.