Aunt Assaulted and Bit 6-month-old Nephew in Washington; Pleaded Guilty in Court

A woman from eastern Washington entered a guilty plea for biting her nephew, who was three years old at the time.

In Whitman County Superior Court on Friday in Colfax, 19-year-old Pullman resident Tia Brown acknowledged to committing the criminal offense of child assault in the second degree. According to the documents filed with the court, the offense carries a maximum sentence of ten years in jail.

In December of 2023, Brown was taken into custody for biting and beating a boy who was only six months old while she was babysitting.

To receive medical attention, the child was sent to Pullman Regional Hospital. According to the records filed in the court, the medical staff at the hospital detected many bite marks and bruises on the infant.

In the event that Brown was arrested, he consented to undergo a blood alcohol test, which revealed that his blood alcohol level was twice as high as the permissible limit.

According to the records made available by the court, a protection order has been issued between Brown and the family, and she has been instructed to refrain from being in the presence of children who are 12 years old or less without supervision.

Brown is scheduled to make an appearance in court the following month in order to receive his sentencing as per Idaho State Journal.

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