Atlanta Woman started Shooting Spree on Florida Interstate Highway, Says God directed her to Shoot Other People

A woman is arrested in Florida after she started a shooting spree on the highway. The Florida Highway Patrol arrested Taylon Nichelle Celestine, a 22-year-old Atlanta resident.

The car belonging to Celestine was searched by the Florida Highway Patrol, which found an AR-15 and a 9mm.

Celestine asserts that she went on a shooting spree because she was instructed to do so by God in response to the complete solar eclipse.

On Monday, April 8, 22-year-old Taylon Nichelle Celestine entered Florida’s Interstate 10 at the 112-mile marker while driving a purple Challenger, according to a news release issued by the Florida Highway Patrol. This marked the beginning of the active shooter situation.

Celestine, who was born and raised in Georgia, is said to have started firing “multiple shots into another vehicle” within five miles of entering the highway after she informed the personnel at the motel that she was going on a shooting spree that was “directed by God in relation to the solar eclipse.”

According to the agency, the gunshots hit the vehicle that was passing by “multiple times,” which resulted in the driver being damaged by “glass fragments from the window and grazed on the arm by a bullet.”

Celestine is said to have started shooting at another vehicle near the 107-mile marker, injuring the driver in the neck. This occurred after the motorist was able to escape by steering into the shoulder of the road.

Information that someone was “shooting into other vehicles” was reported to Washington County Communications, which is how the authorities became aware of the shooting spree, as stated by the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office.

In a public alert notice that was distributed over Facebook, the police department stated that a trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol saw Celestine exit the freeway and “head toward a rest area.”

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Following that, the vehicle performed a U-turn and attempted to navigate back onto the freeway. “A traffic stop was initiated by the trooper, and the vehicle that was suspected of being involved pulled over,” the notification adds.

Following the arrival of a law enforcement officer at the location, Celestine was taken into custody.

Celestine was charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and improper discharge of a firearm after the Florida Highway Patrol determined that an AR-15 and a 9mm handgun were found in her vehicle. Additionally, she was charged with improper discharge of a firearm.

The victims suffered minor injuries and they have been treated and discharged.

Source: People