Are Rae and Jake from The Ultimatum, Still Together?

In this article, we will discuss about the relationship status of Rae and Jake from “The Ultimatum”.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On,’ a Netflix reality program, analyzes how a spouse could feel if their significant other is living with someone else. The show focuses on six devoted couples, each with a spouse who has given their partner an eight-week ultimatum to marry or walk on. During the first half of the experiment, however, each participant is free to pick a different spouse among the available pairs. Such an intriguing concept opens the door for high-octane drama, which adds to the show’s exhilaration.

Rae and Jake from "The Ultimatum"

Although Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham went on the show with their significant others, they quickly became friends and picked each other as their partner for the “trial marriage.” With season one coming to a conclusion, fans want to know if Rae and Jake are still together. So, will we investigate?

The Journey of Rae and Jake’s The Ultimatum- Marry or Move On

April Marie, Jake’s girlfriend, was anxious to marry, settle down, and even have children with her longtime lover. Jake, on the other hand, was doubtful of the proposal since he had just come out of the military and still wanted to travel the world. His choice irritated April, who gave an ultimatum, ordering Jake to either marry her or go on.

rae and jake relationship

Rae, on the other hand, dated her college love, Zay Wilson, for over two years. Although Rae was positive that Zay was her soulmate, he stated that he needed more time because it was the only significant connection he had established thus far. Rae, however, saw this as a lack of commitment and brought her boyfriend to the program.

Surprisingly, both Rae and Jake seemed to like the experiment and were fast to warm up to each other. Even after only one encounter, Jake was certain that Rae had all he wanted in a lady and more. Besides, they seemed to have a lot of common interests, and their future plans seemed to suit each other quite well. Rae and Jake’s bond grew stronger as they spent more time together. Fans were naturally impressed by their exceptional chemistry and dedication.

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Despite the fact that Jake’s mother appeared to favour April above Rae, his father accepted Rae with open arms as he warmed up to her. Later, Jake remarked that Rae taught him the value of a fulfilling relationship. When the time came to live apart, the pair appeared to be genuinely heartbroken to split ways. Jake even indicated a wish to develop a life with Rae and stated that he preferred her over April.

Is Rae Williams still dating Jake Cunningham?

When Jake and Rae returned to their original partners, they struggled to adjust to their previous lives. She looked dissatisfied with Zay’s actions and broke up with him before Ultimatum Day, whilst he found it difficult to pick April after experiencing what life may be like with Rae. As a result, none of their previous relationships worked out, giving supporters optimism that Jake and Rae may have made it as a pair.

rae and jake relatrionship

Jake and Rae departed the Netflix original with intentions to travel together to further explore their relationship, but current developments indicate they are not dating. Although the two appear to maintain a nice relationship because they still follow each other on social media, they haven’t been in each other’s feeds or tales.

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Furthermore, while Rae acknowledged to exploring her bisexuality after the shooting wrapped, Jake’s relationship status on Facebook is single. As a result, it appears that the HBCU graduate and former Marine are simply enjoying their single life at the moment.

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