Brett and Tiffany’s Relationship: Are They Still Together or Did They Break Up?

An all-star couple emerges in each season of Love Is Blind; they are the ones who get the furthest in the competition and leave the viewers with little doubt that they will say “yes” at the end. The show’s typical destined duo, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton has always been the gold standard, but thus far none of these pairings have measured up. Then Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown appeared in the fourth season of Love Is Blind.

If you’re one of the many who’ve wondered if Brett and Tiffany are still together now that Love is Blind has ended, then keep reading: we’ll reveal the answer.

Who is Brett?

Love is Blind marks the first appearance on television for Brett Brown, a 36-year-old Nike Product Designer. Brett’s birthdate is November 13, 1986, making him 36 years old. He was born in Portland, Oregon, and is a Scorpio.


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At Nike, Brett is in charge of the company’s “immersive design.” In several interviews, Brown defined his role as “Product Creation,” which “focuses on using real-time, high-fidelity visualization and collaboration tools adopted from the games industry to help fuel Nike’s culture of innovation and create the future of the “sport.”

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Brown also runs a photography business under the moniker “Brett Brown Photography,” which he started amid the pandemic.

Who is Tiffany Pennywell?

Tiffany Pennywell, who became a reality TV star and client lead recruiter, was born on November 28, 1985, in Houston, Texas. In 2010, she received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of North Texas. She began her career as a Professional Recruiter at Insight Global the following year.


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She had been with Amazon for a while but finally decided to leave in December 2020. After several years with the company, she was promoted from her original position as a North American Operations Recruiter to her current position as Client Lead Recruiter.

Tiffany calls herself a “Wandering Free-Spirit,” a “Lover of good vibes, good people, & a good caipirinha” on Instagram, and she describes herself as an “HTX girl in the PNW.”

Are Brett and Tiffany Still Together After ‘love is Blind’?

Brett and Tiffany’s relationship status was likely kept under wraps from their social media followers by the producers at Netflix. Since it’s unclear if Tiffany and Brett are still dating based on their Instagram posts.

Even if they each have a lot of travel-related postings, that doesn’t prove they’re married or even still together. Brett and Tiffany may be the only Season 4 couple remaining together after their development on Love Is Blind. In addition, Tiffany proclaimed that her upcoming year would be “the best one yet” in a November 2022 birthday post and that she “loves a new chapter.”

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Perhaps turning 37 years old is to blame. Or, the post may be about the wedding, if fans of the couple have their way.

What Happened Between Brett and Tiffany in ‘Love is Blind’ Season 4?

Brett and Tiffany establish an instant connection when they meet in the pods, as it’s evident that they have the same life and relationship aspirations. They immediately get deep with their chats, and appear to be all in with each other instead of pursuing other connections. Some of the touching moments include Brett handing Tiffany the first sneaker he ever designed, and Tiffany emotionally supporting Brett as he opens up about his departed brother.Are Brett and Tiffany Still Together

Their romance encounters its first obstacle at an emotional moment in the pods, when Brett declares his love for Tiffany and doesn’t get a reaction. Brett’s confused that Tiffany’s suddenly quiet for long minutes, and he even eventually exits his pod. Yet Tiffany wasn’t rejecting Brett’s confession; she had fallen asleep! Two of her fellow candidates have to wake her after he leaves, and she subsequently told Tudum that she didn’t sleep at all the following night out of worries.

“I don’t think I slept at all that night until I woke back up because I was so afraid,” she said, saying that she knew at the time that “it takes a bit for Brett to open up.” “I was thinking, ‘I ruined my moment.’ This good dude was sitting here, and all I had to do was stay awake.”

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Thankfully, Brett understood when Tiffany stated that she has a record of falling asleep at the worst conceivable times. Once she apologized at the start of their next date, it finished with Brett going down on one knee, and Tiffany said yes. Their love story continues during the journey to Mexico, and after the first round of episodes ends, they’re prepared to explore their relationship in the real world.


Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown are the only couple from Love Is Blind Season 4 still together. They connected instantly in the pods and chose each other. Brett, a 36-year-old Nike Product Designer from Portland, and Tiffany, a North American Operations Recruiter turned Client Lead Recruiter and reality TV star, had a bump in their journey when Tiffany fell asleep during an emotional moment. However, they overcame it and continued their love story during the journey to Mexico, and are exploring their relationship in the real world.

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