Alabama Mother Tortured Kids with BlowTorch and Exposed them to Drugs; Sent to Jail for Gruesome Abuse

After entering a guilty plea to many counts of child abuse and other charges, including the use of a blowtorch on her three children under the age of 12, a mother from Ariton will be required to serve a jail sentence of five years.

This month, in advance of her upcoming trial dates, which include one that is scheduled to take place on Monday, Ashleigh Ableman and the prosecution came to an arrangement.

An additional one of Ableman’s children, who was approximately four years old at the time, was allegedly exposed to methamphetamine and marijuana, and she was also suspected of assaulting another one of her children in Geneva County. The allegations were made in addition to the blowtorch abuse.

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It is estimated that the crimes were committed over a period of approximately four years as reported by WTVY News.

The fact that Ableman was given a split sentence means that she is required to serve each and every day of the five-year sentence, after which she will be placed on probation.

Her partner, Howard Anderson, is facing charges related to the blowtorch incident, and his trial is scheduled to take place in September.

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